Welcome, Spring!

This weekend was chilly, and today was rainy, but what gorgeous weather we had last weekend!  The temperatures got up into the 70’s and we were able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  I had the day off last Friday, so while the big boys were at school, Mark and I took the little ones to the park.

Ben and Nate both went on swings and slides for the first time!  They had an awesome time.  We really should go to the park more often.  They both took good naps that day.

Nate’s an old pro with slides now.  His Sunday School class at church has a little slide in the room and he’s so thrilled that he doesn’t mind me leaving him there during services.

On Saturday morning, Isaac had a piano recital.  After the recital the boys were able to run and play outside for a bit.  Saturday evening we were invited to some friends’ house for dinner.  The beautiful weather continued, and the boys were able to play with their friends in their large fenced backyard until after dark.

Nate was given this balloon by someone during Isaac’s recital.  We hoped it would keep him quiet.  It didn’t.

Jonny thought he’d try his friend’s skateboard and found it was harder than it looked.  In any case, his friend told him that he shouldn’t be skateboarding in his “handsome clothes”.

Nate found the chip bowl:

I am SO glad that winter is over!


Oh Christmas Tree…

Family pic

Thanksgiving is over, December is here, so yesterday we went on our annual Christmas tree hunt. The weather was clear and chilly, but not as cold and windy as last year. All three boys were in great spirits, even Ben who doesn’t like being outdoors in cold weather. This year we had a little bit of a hike to get our tree. The tractor dropped us off on the other side of the pond:

Tree farm

But thankfully we had a cart this year.

Boys with cart

After we cut our tree we went back to the barn for some hot chocolate…

Hot chocolate

…and cookies…


…and Ben got to hold Isaac’s gloves for him.

Hold my gloves Ben

What a great day! We even saw a real live reindeer!