Where has the summer gone?

Good question, since today is the first day of fall.

Let’s see…we visited our family in Pittsburgh and went to a very cool museum…

Jonny Isaac Stegosaurus

Ben digs the dino bones

We visited Washington DC for a day…

Washington Monument

And the next morning visited Mount Vernon and learned all about George Washington…

Jonny and Isaac Mount Vernon2

We took a brief trip to the Jersey Shore (which the older kids LOVED even though the water was much too cold for my Caribbean sensibilities.  Ben agreed.)…

Isaac and Jonny Cape May

Babies under rain umbrella

Meanwhile, Jonny turned six…

Jonny 6th bday

Isaac turned nine, and Natey turned one.  Isaac decided on hermit crabs for his birthday present…

Isaac and Nate

Isaac and hermit crab

Mark had a birthday this summer too, but I forget how old he is!  😉

Benji had his last home-based Early Intervention sessions with his awesome therapists, and got to visit his new preschool…

Benji preschool

…we played too many video games, learned some new piano pieces and read a couple of Narnia stories and Charlotte’s Web and tons of books for the school reading list, cooked with lots of fresh veggies from our local CSA, and before I knew it fall was here, and I hadn’t updated my blog in months!

I hope everyone had as much fun this summer as we did!


Catsitting with Jonny


We don’t have any pets.  I would love to have a nice kitty cat, but Mark and Isaac are very allergic, so I can’t.  Our neighbors went out of town last weekend, and they asked if we would take care of their little kitty named Emmie.  I happily agreed to do it.

Where is Emmie

Jonny came with me every day to take care of Emmie.  He really loves her!  She is not used to having kids around, so it did take her a while to warm up to Jonny, but she did.  He would ask to go and see her every couple of hours.  She certainly never had a chance to get lonely!

 Jonny and Emmie 2

Before long, she wouldn’t give me the time of day, but would play happily with Jonny.  He’d throw her toy mice and she’d scamper after them.  She even posed for him to take pictures of her! The first photo in this post was taken by Jonny – everytime I tried to get one, she would move away.

Jonny with Emmie 1

So if anyone needs a cat-sitter, we’re your team!

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For a Minute I Thought I Was in Trinidad

Amazon Parrot

Today we got home from our church picnic and were having a quiet evening.  Suddenly, the silence was broken by familiar parrotlike shrieks and shouts of “Hello?”  Turns out that the neighbor’s parrot flew away and was stuck high, high up in a tree next to our house.  They apparently have been trying all day to coax it down to no avail. 

He was difficult to see, far less photograph, because he was so green and so high up.  Would you believe that the above photo (by far the best one) was taken by Jonathan?

While I was writing this post, apparently the parrot’s owners had called a local tree service to bring the parrot (whose name is Pedro) down.  The tree guy came with a bucket truck and Pedro’s owner actually got up into the bucket with the tree guy and they succeeded in getting Pedro back down.

Parrot rescueCaptured

Our boys went out in their PJ’s to watch.  We haven’t had so much excitement on our street since we moved here!

I am so glad we don’t have pets.

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