Ear Gear!

A lot has been happening around here for Ben.   I think it will take a few posts to get everything updated.

Ben has worn hearing aids since he was 5 months old.  He often manages to pull them off (especially the one on the left).  For the last year or so we have used Critter Clips to attach them to his clothing to prevent them from getting lost.  However, the little elastic band on the Critter Clips became stretched, and wouldn’t reliably stay on the hearing aids anymore.

The last time we went to have new earmolds made for Ben, the audiologist mentioned Ear Gear to us.  Apparently they have been recommending these to more of their patients since they help to protect the hearing aids from humidity and sweat.  We decided to give them a try.

So far so good.  Ben seems to like them better, maybe because they’re a little softer against his skin.  He still pulls them off on occasion, but they stay safely attached to his clothing.  And I like the bright blue color we chose.

If only the Ear Gear people made something to convince him to keep his glasses on more!

4 Responses to “Ear Gear!”

  1. Uncle Lawrence Says:

    I wonder if Tammy would go for this? In a nice hot pink perhaps!

  2. Karen Says:

    We meant to mention these to you guys. Might be a good thing for the humid Trinidad environment.

  3. Tammy Says:

    uh NO! Not HOT PINK!!! LOL
    And I love my dehumifier so I dont think I need the ear gears.

    as for the glasses, you can ask for those elastic band thing that sport people use. It is basically a elastic band that is attached to the ends so it is kinda like a headband. I cant remember what they are called but they do stay on pretty well.

  4. Staci Says:

    We are starting to struggle with this as well! Vinny is getting better at pulling his aides off and we use the critter clips….Oh and the glasses…don’t get me started on that….someone needs to come up with a good way to keep those bad boys on!

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