Where has the summer gone?

Good question, since today is the first day of fall.

Let’s see…we visited our family in Pittsburgh and went to a very cool museum…

Jonny Isaac Stegosaurus

Ben digs the dino bones

We visited Washington DC for a day…

Washington Monument

And the next morning visited Mount Vernon and learned all about George Washington…

Jonny and Isaac Mount Vernon2

We took a brief trip to the Jersey Shore (which the older kids LOVED even though the water was much too cold for my Caribbean sensibilities.  Ben agreed.)…

Isaac and Jonny Cape May

Babies under rain umbrella

Meanwhile, Jonny turned six…

Jonny 6th bday

Isaac turned nine, and Natey turned one.  Isaac decided on hermit crabs for his birthday present…

Isaac and Nate

Isaac and hermit crab

Mark had a birthday this summer too, but I forget how old he is!  😉

Benji had his last home-based Early Intervention sessions with his awesome therapists, and got to visit his new preschool…

Benji preschool

…we played too many video games, learned some new piano pieces and read a couple of Narnia stories and Charlotte’s Web and tons of books for the school reading list, cooked with lots of fresh veggies from our local CSA, and before I knew it fall was here, and I hadn’t updated my blog in months!

I hope everyone had as much fun this summer as we did!


10 Responses to “Where has the summer gone?”

  1. Misty Says:

    wow you were busy! very glad to see the pics and read the update! 🙂

  2. Sandi Says:

    You guys had a busy summer! Love all the new photos, the boys have really grown!

  3. Heidi @ ggip Says:

    Looks like a busy travel season this summer!! We played too many video games too. That habit has been seriously curbed with the school year starting!!

    Ben started school, right? How is that going?

  4. Deni Says:

    Love catching up and seeing what you guys have been getting up to – lots of fun! We are heading towards our summer now, very excited as Tae is moving around, and loves the water!

    Very exciting for Ben starting at pre-school too!!

  5. Lara Says:

    Nice to read the update!!! Love the pictures!

  6. lisa leonard Says:

    great to hear about your summer–sounds wonderful. the cake made me drool and thehermit crabs made me cringe. boys. sending hugs!!

  7. Miss Behaving Says:

    Oh my gosh I cannot believe Nate is one already.
    Nice to see what you’ve all been doing, everyone looks great.

  8. Apple Says:

    Looks like y’all had a fun trip!!! Cute pictures!!

  9. Beth Says:

    Looks like you had a busy summer! Kids all look great! We also played way too many video games, watched too much tv, but also read some Narnia books as well as a few others. I too need to update my blog. Being on facebook is certainly a distraction from blogging.

  10. Krystle Cook Says:

    I remember when I was deciding on whether or not to put up my daughter for adoption your blog gave me great hope that I would be able to cope with CdLS. I actually decided I was going to keep her after reading your blog. You made me feel like it was something I could handle. I admire you SO much. I wish I was as strong as you are, but I ended up finding a great family for my daughter after weighing several factors. She is still a part of our everyday lives and we love her so much but felt this was best for our family. You are an inspiration!

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