Has it really been a month?!?

Soccer photo

More like six weeks!  I haven’t posted at all for May – I don’t think I’ve ever missed an entire month since I started this blog.  Since this is my “journal”, I feel obligated to at least mention where some of the last month has gone…

Isaac recital

Isaac has just completed second grade.  He has also finished his soccer season with lots of improvement in his soccer skills and attitude (for the most part).  He’s doing GREAT playing the piano, and genuinely enjoys playing.  Everyone but Mark (who was horribly sick with food poisoning) went to hear him play in his spring recital.  Even my dad was here at the time, which was a blessing since he was able to help with Ben during the recital.  Ben and Nate were big fans of  Isaac and his classmates; both enjoyed the music, but were a little loud and had to be escorted to the back of the concert hall!

Jonny's sixth birthday

Tonight we all went to see Jonathan in his kindergarten concert which was so cute and very entertaining.  Jonny turned six on Saturday, and we had a great birthday celebration at home, and one of his friends from school was able to spend the night.  He has come a long way since he started kindergarten – he is reading very well, and his behavior in class is much better than when he first started.  Jonny and I put together a time capsule of his kindergarten year as part of a class assignment, and I really enjoyed doing that with him.

Ben at dinner

Benjamin is doing great, still has healthy and happy as always. He turned three at the end of April, and we celebrated by going to the beautiful Hershey Gardens for a walk and some photos.  After that, we went out for dinner.  Ben had a great time being out with the family.

Hershey Gardens

We still struggle from time to time with getting him to leave his MIC-KEY button alone, so these days we usually have him in overalls or an ace wrap over his belly.   We’re still working on oral feeds.  For about a month we took a break and didn’t really push the issue at all, partly because I felt it was turing into a power struggle of sorts. We restarted in the last week or two, and there have been good signs of progress.  Ben has actually started opening his mouth for the spoon, has been mouthing toys and objects more, and has been willing to take tastes of foods or drinks that other people are having.  I am cautiously optimistic, and hope that this new curiousity about food continues.  I hope he realizes what he’s been missing out on!

Nate dedication

Nathaniel is 10 months old, and growing by leaps and bounds.  We had his baby dedication on Mother’s Day.  He definitely outweighs Ben, and this week he officially has surpassed Ben with his gross motor skills.  He now crawls forward (after a month of crawling backwards and getting stuck in tiny corners), and can now pull to stand.  He is such a social boy and isn’t happy unless someone is either holding him or helping him to stand.  He loves Ben’s therapy sessions and seems to think they’re for him…Mark is constantly having to corral him during therapy.  He now shuns baby food, and loves to eat whatever we’re eating.

Let’s see – what else…


My dad stayed with us for a few weeks in May.  The yard never looked so good, and he helped out immensely with the dishes and the boys.  I’m afraid he spoiled Nate terribly!  😉  My sister Aliyah graduated from college.  The ceremony was outdoors, and we all attended, and then all went out to eat afterwards.

Mark and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary at the end of May, and my awesome sister- and brother-in-law watched the kids for us so we could have a rare evening out (we went to a restaurant called “Eleven” in Pittsburgh.  The food was amazing!)  What an awesome gift.

Anniversary dinner

Well, let’s hope I do better with blogging this month.


7 Responses to “Has it really been a month?!?”

  1. Heidi @ ggip Says:

    Your kids are all of a sudden looking a lot older! All of them!’

    Thanks for the many updates. Things sound like they are going well. I hope you have a nice summer!

  2. Leah Says:

    Hey! Nice to see you back. I’ve missed Ben and his brothers! Looks like you had a lovely may. Here in MN it’s been raining for a week. Since we were in near-drought conditions it was much needed, but hard to swallow for a week. Yesterday was Angela’s last day of school and it was finally BEAUTIFUL outside!

  3. Lara Says:

    Hey….finally something new to read!! I was wondering what happened to you and Mark with no blog updates in a while. All your boys are getting so big…love the picture with Mark and the two older boys in their soccer uniforms.

    Belated wishes for you and Mark for a happy anniversary and to Johnny for a happy birthday!!!

  4. Aunt Dianne Says:

    Great to see how much the boys have grown. Karen, are you sure you didn’t graduate again? your sister could be your twin (minus a few years). Happy Anniversary, how time flies.

  5. Deni Says:

    Oh Karen,

    I, like you, have been very absent from my blogging and just now getting to firstly catch up on how things are going for everyone, and then will blog for myself 🙂

    It bought a tear to my eye reading through your post – your updates are great, the kids look wonderful and Happy Anniversary to you guys! It was a lovely read 🙂



  6. Kristina Says:

    Awww! That picture of Nate is sooooooooo cute! You have adorable children!

  7. Laurie Lemson Says:

    I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping this blog. I came to the computer looking for comfort since my niece gave birth 5 weeks ago to a baby with CDLS. It has been a hard month. It seems everything that could possibly go wrong has done so….Respiratory arrest twice requiring intubabaion, intestinal infection, learning she is blind, has two holes in her heart and a fused spine, among other things. Her parents are amazing! They sit with her everday in the neonatal unit and give her so much love. My own heart is aching because, as a Critical Care Nurse I can’t help but think about how much pain she is enduring with all the poking and prodding. It was so inspiring to meet Ben and your family and see what a happy story it can be. Again, thank you for writing and I hope to keep reading more.

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