Spring Soccer


I love watching the big boys play soccer!

Isaac is on one of our local AYSO Under-10 teams, and Mark is coaching.  They’ve had two games so far.   Jonny still plays on the Under-6 team but hasn’t had a game yet.  So far, the cold, rainy April weather hasn’t been cooperating too well with practice days or Jonny’ s soccer games.


However, the weather was gorgeous on Saturday, and it was nice to get everyone out for a little fresh air and sunshine.  I loaded Ben and Nate and all their paraphernalia into their double stroller.  Both little boys were fighting colds and Nate wasn’t in the happiest mood.  Ben, however, loves being outside.


Jonathan was all set with his Gameboy and a snack.


It was a little difficult watching three kids under 6 without help (since Mark was coaching), but it was still fun.  Nate got fed up sitting in the stroller and wanted to be held.   Jonny also wanted to sit on my lap along with the baby, and predictably had to go to the bathroom during the game, but he eventually found a friend to play with on the sidelines.  Ben, good little guy that he is,  fell asleep shortly after the game started and slept for hours.


To my surprise, all the kids (except for Ben who was sleeping with the stroller canopy up) got mild sunburns.  I never thought the sun would be strong enough for that!  I’ll be sure to take sunscreen to future soccer games.

I’m really ready for a whole week of warm sunny weather!

2 Responses to “Spring Soccer”

  1. Heidi @ ggip Says:

    Wasn’t it the best weather this past weekend. Of course, you might like it hotter, but i loved the temperature. And I think it was that absolutely clear sky that caused the sunburn.

    Great photos. Ben looks so cute sleeping and Nate is starting to look like a big boy.

    I’ve never seen anything like that double stroller, but it must be nice that the boys can look at each other.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Soccer is such a fun family sporting event. I love all the pictures of the boys. I don’t know how you did it watching three kids under the age of six on the side lines. Hang in there.
    We have a lot of overcast weather in the spring and each year it catches me off guard and I forget to use the sunscreen until we go out and everyone comes home with a sunburn~you would think I would learn 🙂

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