On Saturday, Isaac scored his very first goal since he started playing in the AYSO Under-10 division!   He really has been making a good effort, even though it has not been easy for him.  We were so proud, and so was he!


On Tuesday the weather finally cooperated and Jonathan actually got to play soccer!  He was so excited since his last two games were rained out.  He did great, had a blast, and scored a few goals.  When someone asked him if his team won, he replied, “There’s no winner.”  I’m glad that he enjoys the game at this stage without needing to keep score.  And we were thrilled that he was able to burn off some of that extra energy.


Ben has had a few trips to our friendly tertiary care center.  He has been picking and pulling at his MIC-KEY button, so last week we saw his g-tube nurse.  We have determined that the tube size is appropriate, but we think he has a mild yeast infection at the site.  We are treating him with some Mycolog ointment, but I’m not so sure it’s doing much good…he succeeded at PULLING OUT HIS MIC-KEY BUTTON for the very first time a couple days ago.  For now we’re continuing the ointment and keeping his belly bound with an ACE wrap.  Poor Ben.  I hope he stops messing with it so he doesn’t have to sweat all summer.

Today we went to  have Ben’s hearing aids adjusted.  He got new molds, and I told the tech about the severe feedback (whistling) we were getting.  She had a neat device which actually was able to cancel most of the feedback (I’m not exactly sure how it works), but Ben will finally be able to wear his hearing aids again.


Lately, Nate has been doing lots of new things.  He has begun teething, rolling over very well in both directions (finally catching up to big brother Ben with his motor skills), trying to crawl on hands and knees and really wants to learn how to pull to stand.  He has been learning how to feed himself and has been scarfing down those little Gerber fruit puffs like lightning.  But he has also been sooo needy these days and cries if you just stand up…before you even have a chance to leave the room!  He really loves Ben and enjoys playing with Ben’s face, hair, arms, feet, etc.  Ben usually tries to roll out of the way, but this week he really seems to be noticing Nate and interacting directly with him for the first time.


BTW, Mark found these neat shirts for the little boys at Toys ‘R’ Us to help everyone see that they are not twins.


Ben turns three tomorrow, and Nate is 9 months old.  Right now Nate officially outweighs Ben.

I suppose it won’t be long before they won’t seem like twins anymore.


Spring Soccer


I love watching the big boys play soccer!

Isaac is on one of our local AYSO Under-10 teams, and Mark is coaching.  They’ve had two games so far.   Jonny still plays on the Under-6 team but hasn’t had a game yet.  So far, the cold, rainy April weather hasn’t been cooperating too well with practice days or Jonny’ s soccer games.


However, the weather was gorgeous on Saturday, and it was nice to get everyone out for a little fresh air and sunshine.  I loaded Ben and Nate and all their paraphernalia into their double stroller.  Both little boys were fighting colds and Nate wasn’t in the happiest mood.  Ben, however, loves being outside.


Jonathan was all set with his Gameboy and a snack.


It was a little difficult watching three kids under 6 without help (since Mark was coaching), but it was still fun.  Nate got fed up sitting in the stroller and wanted to be held.   Jonny also wanted to sit on my lap along with the baby, and predictably had to go to the bathroom during the game, but he eventually found a friend to play with on the sidelines.  Ben, good little guy that he is,  fell asleep shortly after the game started and slept for hours.


To my surprise, all the kids (except for Ben who was sleeping with the stroller canopy up) got mild sunburns.  I never thought the sun would be strong enough for that!  I’ll be sure to take sunscreen to future soccer games.

I’m really ready for a whole week of warm sunny weather!

Ben’s Latest ABR


Ben first got hearing aids at 5 months old based on results of an ABR.  When he was that little, the test was relatively easy to do.  We basically had to deprive him of sleep for several hours (although it was difficult to keep him awake during that last hour while driving to the audiologist!) and he would sleep peacefully during the entire test.  As he got older, a test like that harder to do since he seldom slept for long periods during the day.  So most of his subsequent hearing tests have been done by judging his responses to sound, but these have been somewhat unreliable.

After his last hearing test like this (shortly after Nate was born), his audiologist finally decided that he would need to have an ABR done again to get a more accurate result.  The only problem was that Ben would need to be put under general anesthesia to have the test.  Coordinating all of this was a little challenging, but Ben finally had his test a little over a week ago.   Ben is difficult to intubate, so the anesthesiologist decided to use an LMA for this procedure.

Everyone had to get up early.  The big boys went to school as usual on the bus.  Mark, Nate, Ben and I then drove an hour to our very favorite tertiary care center.  We fretted about being late, but it turns out that we actually misunderstood what time we were to be there, and we were actually 30 minutes early!   (Maybe they heard about our reputation for being late and misled us on purpose!)


Ben was in a great mood, but fell asleep while waiting for the procedure.  He looked so tiny in that great big gurney!  He woke up in time for them to wheel him back, and he laughed all the way to the room in which the test was to occur.


So we waited and waited.  Nate actually behaved very well.  We brought lots of toys for him to play with.  He played, laughed, ate his yogurt, and slept.  The test went much longer than we expected.


Finally they called me back to see Ben in recovery.  He was unhappy when I got there, and his g-tube needed to be vented, but then he quickly settled down.



We were able to leave about 15 minutes later.

We didn’t get the results of the test until the next Thursday.  Ben’s hearing has deteriorated somewhat; he has moderate to severe hearing loss bilaterally (moderate for low frequencies, and severe at higher frequencies).  His hearing aids were adjusted, but I think we need to have them adjusted again.  They are giving him so much feedback (high-pitched squealing) that he’s afraid to move when he wears them!

And I was hoping that the test would show that he didn’t need hearing aids anymore.  Oh well.  I am very thankful that the hearing loss can be identified and treated.