When it rains…


What an eventful week!    My husband Mark also blogged most of this, so my apologies for being repetitive.

Nate has been sick for the entire week.  Initially he had just a fever and a nasty cough, but by Monday night he started wheezing.  We took him to see the pediatrician on Tuesday.  The pediatrician diagnosed a viral syndrome, and started Nate on albuterol nebulizer treatments.  We did those faithfully, but on Thursday Nate was definitely worse.   The pediatrician started him on some oral steroids, and thankfully they seem to be helping.  But Nate hasn’t been sleeping well, poor thing, and neither have we.  During the day, he wants to be held and carried everywhere, so we also haven’t been getting much done around the house.

Tuesday was Ben’s preschool evaluation, but that will merit its own separate post.  Hopefully I’ll get to it later this week!


Meanwhile, for the last week and a half, my car (my previously trusty 1995 Oldsmobile) has been overheating.  On Wednesday we took it in to our mechanic to have it looked at.  Unfortunately, the problem was more expensive to fix than we anticipated.  We decided that night not to repair it, but to replace it.  After all, the car is 14 years old, and has been becoming less and less reliable with each passing year.  I just hated the thought that it might leave me  stranded somewhere on the Interstate.


The very next day, 0n Thursday I drove our van (1999 Pontiac Montana) to work.  About a block from my office it made a noise and it seemed to me that the accelerator wasn’t as responsive as it had been a just few minutes before.  I convinced myself it was just my imagination.  However that afternoon when I went to leave, I discovered I had a major problem.  It wouldn’t go into reverse AT ALL.  The transmission was fried.  So I was stranded at work, and Mark was stranded at home.

A kind co-worker dropped me off at the mechanic so that I could pick up my overheating (but at that time still driveable) Oldsmobile from the mechanic, and I made it home OK.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of driving it to work on Friday.  It became dangerously hot on the way home that night, and I ended up returning to my office and getting a ride home from a dear friend of ours, who left her Lenten fish dinner to rescue me.   How embarassing!

So in a few days we had gone from two vehicles to zero.

The van was towed to our bemused mechanic, where it will undergo extremely costly repairs.   After all, we can’t afford to replace two vehicles in the same year, let alone in the same week!  On Saturday, Mark bummed a ride from our next door neighbor to the local car rental place so that he actually had a vehicle to use to go car shopping.  (We really like the rental car, BTW!  Isaac and Jonathan were extremely impressed; they’d never been inside a brand-new car before!  I’ve certainly never driven a car this nice.)


Anyway, on Saturday Mark bought us a used van to replace my car, while I stayed home with the boys.  We thought it made more sense to buy a van because there are now 6 of us in this family, and I can tell the Montana probably won’t hold up too much longer.  I hear the new van is very nice, and I’ve seen photos, but I won’t see it in person until it is delivered to our house tomorrow.  I hope it knows it has to last us for YEARS AND YEARS!!!

I hope this week is less eventful.

6 Responses to “When it rains…”

  1. Heidi @ GGIP Says:

    I hope you love your new van! And I hope the old one gets fixed and keeps working for a while. But you really did a good job of driving that old car into the ground!

    And yes, Blue passed his Barium swallow (I was shocked) and he now is allowed a tiny bit of baby food every day. I hope he likes it too. I’m not so much concerned about getting rid of the tube (but everyone else seems to be) but I just want him to enjoy food too.

    Looking forward to your post about Ben’s evaluation.

  2. lisa leonard Says:

    insane! car trouble is so inconvenient–let alone both cards. sending hugs!

  3. misty Says:

    yes, it would seem to definitely be pouring at your house!! i hope that things calm down soon, and glad that you found a replacement for one of the cars! hope that Nate feels 100% soon!


  4. Maureen Says:

    I hope things calm down too. And I hope Nate is finally feeling better. We went through the same thing with Hope in late February — horribly wheezing, albuterol treatments & steroids. She got over it and now she has a different cold. Such is life, huh? 🙂 Well, enjoy your new (or newer car)!

  5. Tina Says:

    I do hope the new van is reliable and has all the space you need. What an expencive week for you and frustrating!
    Much love

  6. Deni Says:

    oh Karen, I soooo feel for you! Hope the new van works well for you guys! You were talking about work too, how many days do you work, and how do you manage the juggling act – this is my issue at the moment.

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