Some Doctor Visits…


We’ve had a few of these for both Nate and Ben in the last month or so:

Ben had a follow-up-tube-feed visit with his pediatrician.  He weighed just under 20 lbs and was 30 inches tall. His doc says that he is growing very well, and we can continue what we’re doing with his tube feedings.  Also, we seem to be doing OK with managing his constipation.


Ben will need to have an ABR done under general anesthesia next month to adjust his hearing aids, so we recently had a “preop” visit with the anesthesia clinic earlier this month.  It took a VERY LONG TIME, but it went well, and Ben actually weighed 21lbs at that visit.  Hopefully Ben will have his test and will recover quickly from the anesthesia, and be able to come home right after the test.


Nate had his 6  month well child visit.  He weighed 19 lbs 12 oz, and is doing well.  He had a cold at the time of the visit (which eventually required some amoxicillin since it lingered for weeks), and is on target in terms of his development.  He still has eczema which we manage with moisturizers and triamcinolone cream.  He got 4 shots (Pentacel, Prevnar, Hep B#3, Influenza), and one oral vaccine (Rotarix).

Both Ben and Nate will have well-child visits at the end of April/early May.  Right now they are both healthy, and I hope they both stay that way so that we don’t need to see the doc before then.


100 Days of Kindergarten 2009


After an uncertain start, Jonny has been doing well in kindergarten.  He is learning so much – he can read simple books, is getting better at writing (even though he still has a tendency to reverse “b”, “d” and “s’).  He is such a big boy in general, and is usually always ready to help out.

Last week he celebrated his 100th day of kindergarten!  To celebrate, his teachers sent home a family assignment.  Jonny came up with the idea for dragon scales all by himself, but everyone helped with the final project (except for Nate and Ben).  Even though I usually complain about these assignments, I really enjoyed working on this one with the big boys.   It won’t be too many years before they will be too old for art projects, after all.


Our “Twins”

I haven’t been updating my blog nearly as often as I would like to lately – Nate, Ben and I are all fighting nasty colds.  I’ve actually been running a fever these last 2 days and actually was sent home from work early on Tuesday – something that has NEVER happened to me before!

So I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time cuddling with babies, napping, drinking lots of tea and juice and taking my ibuprofen.  I can’t wait for spring when this cold and flu season will hopefully come to an end.


Nate and Ben are almost like twins these days.  Ben will be 3 soon, and Nate is about 6 months old, and they both weigh around 20 lbs.  They are both in 12-18 month clothes, although they tend to be a little loose on Ben and a little long on Nate.  And they are similar in terms of their development, although Ben is ahead in his gross motor skills (can roll both ways and is starting to ‘army crawl’), and Nate is ahead with oral motor skills.  They can both now sit independently fairly well.


I have noticed that since Nate has been sitting more, Ben seems to have decided that sitting isn’t so bad after all.  Previously, he just enjoyed rolling around on the floor.  Of course, Ben’s better vision with his new glasses could be encouraging him to sit up and look around more too…


Nate hates to be left alone for any period, but he will often play happily if he is sitting with Ben.  That is, until Ben takes away his toys…


We had hoped that Nate would give Ben some positive peer pressure with his development, and I think he has.


I think Ben looks proud that Nate fell over before he did!