Ben’s New Glasses


We all love how Ben looks in them!  Doesn’t he look cute?  The photo above was taken in our church nursery yesterday morning.  I think he’s finally starting to look more like a little boy than a baby.

As I mentioned on my post about Ben’s last ophthomology appointment; we were told that his eyesight had deteriorated considerably over the previous year.  He had become quite nearsighted and would need glasses.  A little over a week ago, we finally got around to taking him to the optometrist to choose some frames.    This optometrist, a very nice lady, specializes in pediatric and special needs eyewear, and is about 45 minutes from our home.  The big boys were in school, and Nate came along.  Ben wasn’t too happy with having several frames put on and taken off in rapid succession, but he was a trooper.




It was a tough decision, but we found some that we liked.  Nate was unusually fussy that day, and when we came home we found he was running a fever.  Fortunately, he ran a temperature for only 3 days, and he seems fine now.

This Saturday we made the trek to pick up his new glasses.  This time we had all 4 boys with us.  It turns out that the optometrist is very busy on Saturdays, so we had to wait a bit.  The boys occupied themselves with the toys…



…and Nate and I just hung out on the couch.  Ben’s glasses needed some final adjustments (the earpieces had to be molded to ensure a snug fit), we fit his hearing aids over them, and finally we were done.


Afterwards, we went out for lunch, went to the mall for a bit:


Ben was VERY interested in looking around at EVERYTHING.  (Yes, Nate was missing a sock so we bought him some new ones!)  When we were sure we had tired everyone out, we came home.  All four boys fell asleep in the car.

So far, Ben’s response to his glasses has been overwhelmingly positive.  He has left them on, and he has been so much more interested in looking at more distant objects.  He even seems to make better eye contact.  I guess his poor vision was more of an impairment than we realized, and it makes us feel a little guilty for not acting on this before.

I really hope he tolerates his glasses for the long haul.


17 Responses to “Ben’s New Glasses”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Awww, look at him! I think I would be tempted to refer to him as The Professor! So cute!

  2. Dawn Says:

    Ben looks SO CUTE in his glasses. I’m so glad they are helping him so much. Hopefully, he won’t break them as much as his cousin does, but as long as you don’t let Ben and Ian wrestle, you should be good. 🙂 Congrats!

  3. Heidi @ GGIP Says:

    I think Ben looks quite studious! I’m so glad that he seems to be tolerating them and that he seems to be seeing better! What great news!

  4. misty Says:

    LOVE the glasses!! he looks so cute and so glad they are helping!!

  5. Lara Says:

    Awwwww…he looks sooooo cute in his glasses!!!! Matthew saw the picture and now he wants glasses!!!

  6. Sandi Says:

    He looks adorable in his new glasses!!! Its great that he is tolerating them well and they are helping 🙂

  7. Silje Says:

    He looks so grown up in them. Such a big boy!

  8. Becky Says:

    what a little stud muffin!!!! LOVING the look!

  9. Maureen Says:

    Ben looks ADORABLE! And you’re right: He looks like a little boy. I’m so glad his glasses are already making a big difference.

    Hope needs glasses but her eye doctor wants to wait until she’s at least 18 months old. I hope she has the same response as Ben when she finally does get them.

  10. Cody Lutz Says:

    He’s really cute. Wish I knew him

  11. Ann Z Says:

    What great glasses – they look great on him! And how wonderful that he’s interested in looking at so many things through them. If you’re interested in sharing a photo of him, I run a blog for parents of young kids in glasses and we have a photo gallery, and I’d love to include a picture of Ben.

  12. Ciarnia Clark Says:

    Hi Karen, Ben looks cute in hisglasses i wish Macarius would wear his. We had an appointment with the cardiologist on the 20th and found that the whole in his heart has closed thank God. ho has Ben been doing?

  13. Rachelle Says:

    Ben looks very handsome! I’m glad to hear the glasses are working for him. Yay!!

  14. Chennette Says:

    He looks wonderfully cute! And it looks like he might be ready for a lot more with his eyes all prepared 😀

  15. Lars (Grandpa) Says:

    Benji’s eyeglases ARE very nice: he looks very eddicated, don’t he? Just the right look for starting “big school” too!

    (Note for Karen: if you do give AnnZ, (see above) permission to post his pic on her “Kids with Eyeglasses” blog, please post a link here, so we can all have a look. Da.)

  16. Beth Says:

    I love the glasses! He looks sooooo cute! It’s really awesome that he is leaving them on! All of your boys are adorable!

  17. Deni Says:

    This is a fabulous post Karen, I always love reading your informative stories, and the pictures are great. Ben does look VERY cute in his glasses, and definately a little boy, not a baby!

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