Nate’s First Cold


Yes, Nate finally caught his first cold, and that is one of the reasons I haven’t been able to update this blog recently.  It’s kind of hard to do anything when you have a feverish, sniffling, sneezing infant who wants nothing more than to be held and rocked and carried everywhere (and  for some reason he HATES sitting at my computer desk).

Nate gets very angry when his nose is stuffy.  But he also doesn’t like nasal aspirators or saline, so I tell him he just has to deal with it.  Thank goodness he seems to be a little less stuffy this evening, and he hasn’t run a fever today.  He even cracked a smile once or twice.

Isaac made him a get-well card.



The text is a little hard to read.  He writes, “Hope you feel better before Christmas.  And I hope you don’t have to get two shots in your legs the day after Christmas like I did in 2006.”  I can’t believe he remembered that day in such vivid detail.

Isaac also made Nate a Christmas card last week:


So now we know why Isaac loves having 3 brothers.  More siblings = more presents!

11 Responses to “Nate’s First Cold”

  1. Miss Behaving Says:

    Forgive me if this is TMI, but here in Japan they tend not to use anything to unclog the baby’s nose they ( we?) just suck it out.
    Another trick I learned quite recently, didn’t know when my kids were babies, see if I can explain it… you fold a tissue so it’s a long strip. Hold it under the nose with the index finger of your left hand and then gently pull it, as if your finger is a roller… this pulls the whole sticky phlegm out in a line. It’s very effective, wish I had known years ago.
    Hope I explained it well enough and hope Nate is well soon.

  2. Karen Says:

    Miss Behaving: I just have to ask…”suck it out” with what?

    The “line of sticky phlegm” method sounds good, except that most of Nate’s congestion is waaaaay back in his nose and not really running out, so there’s no “line” to pull.

  3. Maureen Says:

    I LOVE Isaac’s card! LOL! Kids are so funny — and honest. And he certainly does have a good memory.

    I hope Nate feels better soon. Hope has had an awful cough for about two weeks now. She hates the aspirator too. I’ve heard of that Japanese snot removal method, too (I think they actually suck it out with their mouths) but I’m not going there. Tissue and the aspirator will have to do.

    Well, take care! And brace yourselves for the snow! We’re getting hit hard right now and I’m pretty sure it’s headed your way.

  4. Heidi @ GGIP Says:

    Poor little guy! I hope this passes quickly. We have had our share of colds already!

    Very sweet cards from the older boys!

  5. Deni Says:

    What a lovely pic of the sleeping baby, and how sweet are those notes!

  6. Miss Behaving Says:

    With your mouth Karen. LOL.

    It’s hard when it’s stuck right up at the back isn’t it!

  7. Lara Says:

    I love the picture of Nate sleeping… to me it reads… finally….sleep…good ole sleep. I know what Miss Behaving is talking about… when I was in Trinidad last, Alexander had a really bad cold and my sisters sucked it out with her mouth…. I am with Mark… Ewww!!! It worked however!

  8. mom/grandma Says:

    Karen, really, do you have to ask that question. Could you imagine if we use to suck out Mary’s mucus………ew…..give me the tissues anyday.

  9. Lawrence Says:

    I’m sure that I will really love my kids once I make a few; You can be sure though that I will not be sucking anything out of their noses with my mouth when they have the cold! I’m with you Karen…use the available technology! LOL

  10. Sara Says:

    That sleeping picture is too cute! What a great brother Isaac is. 🙂

    And no, I will not suck anything out of my daughters nose with my mouth! LOL

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