Scotch Pines are Sharp!


Last Saturday we got our Christmas tree, and we decorated it the very next day.   As usual, Isaac and Jonny put the unbreakable “kid” ornaments on the tree.  This year they were a little less than enthusiastic.  The reason?

Usually, we get a Douglas Fir.  This year, most of the Douglas Firs we saw were really, really tall.  So we went with a Scotch Pine instead.  And guess what?  Scotch Pines have really pointy, sharp needles!


The boys kept yelping “Ouch!” with each ornament!  Isaac tried to use his gloves, but that didn’t work.  Finally, Jonny gave up and would just toss his ornaments onto the branches, hoping that they’d stay on.


The tree still looked very nice, but I think next year we’ll go back to Douglas Fir.

Ben lay on the floor playing with one of the ornaments.  Within an hour or so, he had scooted himself under the Christmas tree to see the lights more closely.


And Nate?



5 Responses to “Scotch Pines are Sharp!”

  1. Heidi @ GGIP Says:

    It is a nice tree though! Great pictures of the boys.

  2. misty Says:

    so cute! the tree is beautiful and so are your boys!

  3. Sandi Says:

    The tree is beautiful…though I am cringing in sympathy thinking about those sharp needles! Ouch! The boys did a great job decorating. Great pics too!

  4. Rachelle Says:

    The tree turned out great ~ sorry to hear about the sharp needles but it sounds like they had fun anyway. Beautiful pictures ~ the kids are gorgeous!

  5. tina Says:

    looks like they did a great job…just watch you hoover those needles up regularly cause a pine needle in your fots hurts too!
    Merry Christmas

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