Thanksgiving weekend was REALLY busy, but fun.   Mark’s sister, brother-in-law and their two sons visited all the way from Pittsburgh.  We really enjoyed having them over.  Our boys were very excited to have their cousins here, and all the kids played well together.  It was nice to spend some time with family getting caught up.  We had our turkey with the usual fixings, and there are LOTS of turkey leftovers to enjoy this week.



On Friday, I did a (very) little Black Friday shopping, and went to work for a few hours.  Nate had his four month well baby check that afternoon.  He is growing well (17 lbs 9 oz) and is developmentally on target.  His eczema was TERRIBLE, though, and the pediatrician prescribed him some triamcinolone cream to use along with the moisturizers we’re already slathering all over him.  He only got 2 shots (Prevnar and Pentacel) as well as an oral vaccine (Rotarix).


On Saturday we made our annual trek out to the Christmas tree farm.  This proved to be a little challenging this year because we now have two babes in arms.  Initially we planned to just pick a pre-cut tree from the barn.  However, once we arrived at the farm, the big boys saw the tractor and really wanted to go on the hay ride.  In the end, we all rode on the tractor, and I waited with the babies at the drop-off point while Mark took Isaac and Jonny to get us a tree.



This worked out well since the weather was fairly warm (around 50 degrees).  Ben loves being outside when it’s not too cold and he was in a great mood, and he smiled and giggled, and even stood up nicely for awhile, leaning back on my legs for support.  And surprisingly, Nate was quiet.



The big boys came back with our tree, and we rode the tractor back.  They wrapped up our tree and we went home.  I’m glad we got the tree on Saturday because the weather has been colder and wetter since then.

Can you believe it’s only 23 days until Christmas???

8 Responses to “December”

  1. novice101 Says:

    Can see you love and are proud of your kids. I wish you the all the joy and happiness of parenthood.

    Hope you like my tongue-in-cheek piece on parent/children relationship.

  2. Heidi @ GGIP Says:

    It looks like you all had a great time this past weekend. Ben does look really happy in the photos from the tree farm. And Nate is getting so big! Look at his feet sticking out the end of the carseat!

  3. asdmommy Says:

    I always enjoy seeing your pictures – but did you notice the baby in the first picture is doing the peace sign from under the blankets? It cracked me up.

  4. lisa leonard Says:

    wow, ben looks like he is blossoming!! all the boys are darling–looks like a wonderful day!!

  5. Maureen Says:

    No, I can’t believe Christmas is a little over three weeks away. We just had Thanksgiving! Oh well. I guess that’s how it goes every year.

    It looks like you had a great Turkey Day. I love that you post so many pictures with your posts. Your boys look great & I LOVE the shots of Ben standing. What a big boy, huh?

  6. Sandi Says:

    I agree, I don’t know where this year has gone…can’t believe it’s already December, much less just weeks before Christmas!!

    Love seeing all the new photos. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the tree farm looks like a lot of fun! It’s great to see Ben standing, you can tell he’s loving it! That photo of Nate looking up at Isaac is gorgeous.

  7. Tara @ kidz Says:

    I stumbled upon your blog through ‘praying for parker’ and I don’t remember how I even got there! But I’m so glad I did. What a beautiful family you have – all those boys! And they’re lucky to have you for a mom. You are amazing!

  8. Deni Says:

    Great Photos Karen, Ben does look like he is really enjoying himself, and the last shot of Nate looking up smiling at his big brother – so cute! I am a bit jealous of your Christmas Tree, unfortunately our house is just too small and cluttered to fit a tree – so will go all out next year if we can get our extension on!

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