Merry Christmas!


1:00 am


“We’re not sleepy at all!”

Nate’s First Cold


Yes, Nate finally caught his first cold, and that is one of the reasons I haven’t been able to update this blog recently.  It’s kind of hard to do anything when you have a feverish, sniffling, sneezing infant who wants nothing more than to be held and rocked and carried everywhere (and  for some reason he HATES sitting at my computer desk).

Nate gets very angry when his nose is stuffy.  But he also doesn’t like nasal aspirators or saline, so I tell him he just has to deal with it.  Thank goodness he seems to be a little less stuffy this evening, and he hasn’t run a fever today.  He even cracked a smile once or twice.

Isaac made him a get-well card.



The text is a little hard to read.  He writes, “Hope you feel better before Christmas.  And I hope you don’t have to get two shots in your legs the day after Christmas like I did in 2006.”  I can’t believe he remembered that day in such vivid detail.

Isaac also made Nate a Christmas card last week:


So now we know why Isaac loves having 3 brothers.  More siblings = more presents!

Scotch Pines are Sharp!


Last Saturday we got our Christmas tree, and we decorated it the very next day.   As usual, Isaac and Jonny put the unbreakable “kid” ornaments on the tree.  This year they were a little less than enthusiastic.  The reason?

Usually, we get a Douglas Fir.  This year, most of the Douglas Firs we saw were really, really tall.  So we went with a Scotch Pine instead.  And guess what?  Scotch Pines have really pointy, sharp needles!


The boys kept yelping “Ouch!” with each ornament!  Isaac tried to use his gloves, but that didn’t work.  Finally, Jonny gave up and would just toss his ornaments onto the branches, hoping that they’d stay on.


The tree still looked very nice, but I think next year we’ll go back to Douglas Fir.

Ben lay on the floor playing with one of the ornaments.  Within an hour or so, he had scooted himself under the Christmas tree to see the lights more closely.


And Nate?




Thanksgiving weekend was REALLY busy, but fun.   Mark’s sister, brother-in-law and their two sons visited all the way from Pittsburgh.  We really enjoyed having them over.  Our boys were very excited to have their cousins here, and all the kids played well together.  It was nice to spend some time with family getting caught up.  We had our turkey with the usual fixings, and there are LOTS of turkey leftovers to enjoy this week.



On Friday, I did a (very) little Black Friday shopping, and went to work for a few hours.  Nate had his four month well baby check that afternoon.  He is growing well (17 lbs 9 oz) and is developmentally on target.  His eczema was TERRIBLE, though, and the pediatrician prescribed him some triamcinolone cream to use along with the moisturizers we’re already slathering all over him.  He only got 2 shots (Prevnar and Pentacel) as well as an oral vaccine (Rotarix).


On Saturday we made our annual trek out to the Christmas tree farm.  This proved to be a little challenging this year because we now have two babes in arms.  Initially we planned to just pick a pre-cut tree from the barn.  However, once we arrived at the farm, the big boys saw the tractor and really wanted to go on the hay ride.  In the end, we all rode on the tractor, and I waited with the babies at the drop-off point while Mark took Isaac and Jonny to get us a tree.



This worked out well since the weather was fairly warm (around 50 degrees).  Ben loves being outside when it’s not too cold and he was in a great mood, and he smiled and giggled, and even stood up nicely for awhile, leaning back on my legs for support.  And surprisingly, Nate was quiet.



The big boys came back with our tree, and we rode the tractor back.  They wrapped up our tree and we went home.  I’m glad we got the tree on Saturday because the weather has been colder and wetter since then.

Can you believe it’s only 23 days until Christmas???