Nate Update 11/08


Nate will be four months old in a few days.  He is growing fast!  He weighs around 17-18 lbs (we think; we haven’t weighed him since his 2 month checkup), and he’s starting to look really chubby.  It won’t be long before he outgrows his carseat/baby carrier.  We used the same carrier for Ben for almost 2 years.

Nate is smiling and cooing a lot.  He has begun to laugh out loud.  If left in a room by himself, he will “call” for someone, and then listens quietly to see if anyone is coming to his aid!  He is a very social baby, and loves to be held all day (or at least entertained by someone!)

He has learned how to grasp objects, and already has started shoving them into his mouth.  Lately he has been looking at the food on the dinner table with real interest, but It will be another month or two before we try him with some baby cereal.  For now he nurses well, and also takes his bottles OK when I’m at work.


He seems to enjoy “tummy time”, at least for short periods.  He is healthy, but has a tendency to develop eczema like his daddy and oldest brother.  We will be keeping him well-moisturized in the winter months.


He is thoroughly entertained by his three older brothers.  He and Ben had their first fight over a toy last week…but you’ll have to wait for Mark’s Twosday Tuesday post to see that.  🙂

After having Ben, I almost forgot how quickly most babies grow and develop.


It makes me appreciate and enjoy Baby Nate since I know he’ll grow up too fast.

3 Responses to “Nate Update 11/08”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Awww. Look at him, he’s a cutie-pie!
    Glad to hear he is doing well.

  2. Rachelle Says:

    Oh Karen ~ will you please pinch those cute chubby cheeks for me? He is ADORABLE! Glad to know he is doing so well. They do grow way too fast!

  3. Deni Says:

    He’s gorgeous Karen – great to hear he is doing so well.

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