This was my first week back to work after a too-short 8-week maternity leave.  Work is OK, but it certainly has been a challenge adjusting to life as a working mom of four.   And of course, Mark is adjusting to being the primary caregiver of four young boys!  We used to have a fairly predictable routine, but all that has changed with Nate’s birth and Jonny starting kindergarten.  The kids are having a little trouble adjusting to this new life too this week.

Isaac is doing great in second grade so far.  He is a good, obedient student, and we never have to worry about his behavior at school.  He seems to enjoy his class, his friends, and he seems to like his new teacher.  He and his friends play with these Bakugan figures at recess (apparently it’s the new cool toy for second graders), and he is always pestering us to buy more of them.

Isaac is playing AYSO soccer, and moved up to the under-10 team this fall.  He’s not too happy about the change, because the game has suddenly become more challenging.  He says he wants to quit the team, but of course we told him that he can’t until this fall season is over.  We have tried to remind him that he felt the same way when he started the under-8 team two years ago, and by the end of the second year he was really enjoying the game.

Jonny started all-day kindergarten, and it has definitely been a huge adjustment for him, since his preschool last year was just three mornings a week, and was decidedly unstructured.  Jonny is an active, gregarious child, so his teacher is already having issues with him talking in class when he shouldn’t be.  Poor Jonny.  I really want him to enjoy school, and I don’t want him to be labelled as a problem child in kindergarten.  Maybe we should have waited another year before starting school.  We’ll give it a month or two and see how he does.  I suppose we can always pull him out of kindergarten if it doesn’t work out.

Jonny is also playing soccer this fall, and he’s having a BLAST!

Ben and Nate are adjusting to each other.  They’ve been hanging out in their double stroller during soccer games and practice…

Adjusting isn’t always fun.  I can’t wait until we settle into a good NEW routine.

9 Responses to “Adjusting”

  1. Heidi Says:

    That is a lot of adjustments at once!! I have no idea what that toy is.

    Do you send your kids to private schools? Does your school have a more flexible kindergarten starting age than other schools? In our school district, the child must be 5 by August 31st, no exceptions. I know that parents who want to still send their child can sometimes send them if they go to this certain Christian school.

    Our preschooler also talks a lot during school and needs to run around a lot. I don’t know if that will change before real school or not. If not, I think we will have the same concerns as you do.

  2. Karen Says:

    We send our kids to the local Catholic school. The kindergarten cutoff is September 1, and the child must be 5, no exceptions. Jonny turned 5 in June, but we didn’t start Isaac in kindergarten until he was 6. It was the right decision for Isaac, and I’m wondering whether we shouldn’t have done the same thing with Jonny.

  3. Rachelle Says:

    I love the pictures, especially the first one even though Ben looks so sad. That is a lot of adjusting to handle at one time, but I’m sure you guys will settle into a new routine soon. I had 4 of our 5 go to school this year, Emma and Joey to preschool, Tommie in 7rh grade, and my oldest is a freshman. I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it, but we have finally settled into a pretty good schedule. Just this week, I started to manage to get Joey and Emma to school on time and they’ve been going since the middle of August :o) Good luck!

  4. Karen Says:

    Would you believe that Jonny took that first picture with my trusty Nikon D60? I had to put my camera down during soccer to comfort Ben who was upset for some reason, and Jonny decided to take some photos of his own. I think he did a great job!

  5. Tammy and Parker Says:

    Hey, it’s Tammy, Parker’s Mom. 😀

    Would you mind emailing me? I’m hoping you might want to do some guest posting over at during the month of November.

  6. Misty (mason's mom) Says:

    i cannot imagine what the adjustment is like for you there with all of your beautiful boys and work!! i am hoping that you settle into a routine soon!

    beautiful pictures!

  7. Sandi @ Life with Jessica Says:

    Wow, you’ve got a lot going on Karen! But honestly, I think you guys handle four better than I handle two…LOL! Love all the new pics, that action shot of Jonny is awesome, pure joy! 🙂

  8. Miss Behaving Says:

    You really do have a lot going on, and must be tough to go back to work already.
    Our school year changes in April so we have a while to go yet, and kids here have to be 6 before they start school.

    I love the picture of Jonny kicking the ball, with his arms out, and he did do a great job of the pic of you and Ben.

    Hope things ‘settle down’ a bit soon.

  9. lisa leonard Says:

    man, i hear ya! i feel like we are in transition over here, too. hang in there!! xoxo

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