Grandparents’ Day/CdLS Blog Challenge

How lucky we are to have Grandma (my mom) here for Grandparents’ Day!  The little boys especially are basking in her attention.  Ben tried his best to ignore her at first, but now they are the best of friends.  She even manages to calm Nate during his fussy periods in the evenings.  Mark and I really appreciated the extra help.

Of course, both my parents have always been so helpful – my Dad came out to help us when Ben was first born, and my Mom came out when Ben was in the hospital for his g-tube surgery.   I don’t know how we would have managed otherwise.

Grandma will be flying to Trinidad all too soon, but we are all eagerly awaiting her return!


7 Responses to “Grandparents’ Day/CdLS Blog Challenge”

  1. Heidi Says:

    How fun that she was visiting during this blog challenge. SOmetimes Grandma just has that “touch” for calming kids down.

  2. Misty (mason's mom) Says:

    LOVE those pictures! grandmas are the BEST!!

  3. Sandi @ Life with Jessica Says:

    Great photos of your mom and the boys! She sure got a big smile out of Ben, and Nate is giving her such an adoring stare. Aren’t grandmas amazing at calming little ones when they are fussy!

  4. mark - in my own defense Says:

    It may be a trick of the camera, but it seems as if Nate has grown in a week between that last picture and the middle picture. He looks a little more chubby in that one.

  5. Tina Says:

    wonderful pictures!

  6. sonia Says:

    What wonderful pictures Cheryl. Thank you so much for sharing. Wish you would have called when you were with the children, but I am sure you were too busy.

    You look great and so does the little one.

    Be well and will get in touch later.

    with love


  7. Michele B Says:

    So nice to see your mom in pictures since there wasn’t time for visiting. Next time she comes we’ll have to plan a dinner here.

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