Ben’s First (Official) Haircut

Ben has the thickest, curliest hair out of all of our kids, which is a common trait for a little guy who has CdLS. Whereas Jonny and Isaac were well over 2 years old before they needed any kind of haircut (and I suspect Nate will be the same), it didn’t take long for Ben to need a trim.

Until now I have managed to cut Ben’s hair myself. Recently, however, he has become much too strong and moves far too much for me to safely use scissors to cut his hair. So Mark called up the hairdresser who normally does his and the big boys’ hair, and we made Ben an appointment. Remembering the hysterical screaming from Jonny’s first haircut there a few years ago, we told her to make it for a time that the shop wouldn’t be too busy.

So last Friday we took him in. He did surprisingly well! In the photo below he is being silly and floppy, not realizing what was in store for him:

At first he was understandably mad…

…but then he settled down and actually seemed to enjoy it. Or maybe he resigned himself to his fate.

He looks SO much neater and more comfortable now.

We are going to try to have him go regularly so that he gets used to the process. Wish us luck!

16 Responses to “Ben’s First (Official) Haircut”

  1. Mom/Grandma Says:

    My boy looks soooooooo cute. I hope all this preparation is in anticipation of grandma’s visit.

  2. Heidi Says:

    It looks great!!! We still have issues with haircutter fear with our older boy. We take him every other month, and then I trim it up at home in the meantime. I know what you mean about not being safe with the scissors!

  3. Dawn Says:

    He looks so handsome!!! Those pictures of him mad are funny and sad at the same time. Poor kid.

  4. mark - in my own defense Says:

    This was SO MUCH EASIER than Jonathan’s first haircut. With Jonny we had to stop halfway through and he looked ridiculous with half a haircut.

  5. Rhonda Says:

    Looking good, Ben. Such cute pictures. I hope he can get used to it. I swear we can see Sean’s hair grow! Sean’s is very thick but doesn’t have any curl. I tried when he was young taking him to a salon but that didn’t last too long. Now, I just use clippers and he gets a buzz cut. He still doesn’t sit still but it’s much easier with the clippers and a guard so I’m not too worried about cutting him.

  6. Maureen Says:

    He looks adorable! At first I thought he was asleep in that initial photo of him and Mark where he’s being silly. I’m so glad it went as well as it did. You’re off to a good start!

  7. Karen Says:

    Our hairdresser is wonderful and did a great job with Ben. She used clippers with the longest guard so we didn’t worry about her cutting Ben at all. I wondered if Ben would lose his “faux-hawk” with the new cut, but he hasn’t!

  8. Tammy and Parker Says:

    Okay. These pictures just melted my heart. Your little guy has stolen my heart.

  9. megan Says:

    Aww. What a cutie!! He looks so handsome:)

  10. Misty (mason's mom) Says:

    love love love all of those pictures!!!!!!! especially the being silly one!! lol! what a cutie!

    he looks so cute with his new hair cut!

    mason will be headed to get another one soon!

  11. sonia Says:


    Thank you so much for sharing

    I am sure Ben and his brothers are anxiously awaiting Grandma’ visit.

    with love to all

    Sonia and Henry in Toronto

  12. Beth Says:

    Great haircut! So cute! I love it!
    I cut Andrew’s hair myself. Not easy. His hair is so thick and it actually pokes your skin. He screams through much of it. I just use a razor and buzz it. It’s getting better though. After 7 years of it I think he’s starting to get used to it.

  13. ariel Says:

    What a lovely photos….ben is so cute with the new haircut and that photo where he is playin silly so lovable! and then that photos where he cryin he looks so funny wish i was there to make him laugh!

  14. lisa leonard Says:

    he looks so handsome and grown up! i hate haircuts, argh! glad you settled down for you. we just gave david a buzz last week. hugs!!

  15. Laura Says:

    Believe me, I know how hard to handle with the kids with their first hair cut. My younger son with Autism used to scream at his hair cut, then fell asleep. After a couple of hair cut, he soon settled himself down.. so will Ben.. He looks much older than I last saw his picture 🙂

  16. alina Says:

    ben is so adorable! my heart goes out to you and your family.

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