Nate’s Weight Update

Yesterday we took Nate back to the pediatrician’s to be weighed.  He did great over the weekend, and is nursing like a champ.  He gained almost 8 oz in 3 days!  He’s still not quite up to his birthweight, so we take him back in next week for one more weight check.

In other news, our family service coordinator for early intervention services called us already about setting up a meeting this fall to facilitate Ben’s transition into preschool next spring!  I find it hard to think of our little Ben having to go to school already.   I hope school is a positive experience for Ben, but I must admit I’m a little worried.


8 Responses to “Nate’s Weight Update”

  1. Heidi Says:

    That is the cutest picture on the towels! Did you take it? I might have to copy the idea!

    8 ounces in 3 days! That is great! I know that it is taxing to keep having to go back and forth to the doctor, so hopefully that will be his last weight check.

    Is Ben’s outfit from Target? I just bought one just like that for our baby this weekend. I go nuts when I see anything short sleeved/long pants and with snaps in the front. I didn’t buy one in every size this time though…

    I have major anxiety about preschool too. 4 weeks and it starts for us. Also our early intervention starts this week, but that should be easy, I hope.


  2. Karen Says:

    Heidi: Yes, I took the first photo. Feel free to copy the idea – I got it from Mark, my husband! Yes, we got Ben’s outfit from Target. We LOVE the short sleeved/long pants/front snap combo! We usually buy one in each style they have. Ben is in the 12 month size right now.

  3. lisa leonard Says:

    love that first pic! i have a pic almost just like the 2nd one with david and matty laying on a blanket.

    i remember david’s first day of preschool i wanted to keep driving the car and run away with him–i was so nervous. it was great though and the teachers love him so much. iknow you’ll find a great spot for ben–and they will challenge him in new way.

    hugs to all of you!

  4. Rhonda Says:

    Great job, Nate. We knew you could do it. Love the towel picture. How precious.

    Ben, you will love school. I remember when Sean started. He was so tiny and he had to ride the school bus. The first step was taller than him! He used to get awards for being good on the bus (that was because he always slept!) It will be scary for mommy at first but when she sees all of your progress she will be so proud. And, before she knows it, you’ll be about to graduate. Yikes!

    Have a great day and can’t wait to see more pics.

  5. Sandi Says:

    That is a gorgeous photo of Nate!! Good job Karen 🙂 Glad he is gaining steadily now.

    I’m sure Ben will love school. Jessica started preschool at age 2 and I just couldn’t imagine sending someone so tiny off to school…she had to use her car seat on the bus! Her class was a mix of kids with special needs and typically developing peers. They all looked HUGE to me; I was sure Jess would be trampled and crushed. But it turned out fine. She loved the bus ride, loved school and was the class “bully”, LOL 😉

  6. Beth Says:

    Great news about Nate! And I can totally relate about the school thing! Andrew was so small at 3 years old. I couldn’t imagine sending my baby off to school without me. But, he loved it and the teachers loved him. They made it easier for me to accept. I’m sure Ben will love it too.
    Great pictures!

  7. Heidi Says:

    HI Karen,
    My boy is wearing his outfit like that today. 🙂 It is a 6 month size, and it is too big by a little bit, but it is cool today and he needed something nice and warm.

    I hope you are doing okay. Are you getting any sleep at all?

  8. Karen Says:

    Heidi: We have had cool weather here too lately. I have been sleeping so much better with the newborn than I had been while pregnant. Hard to believe!

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