Ben at Church

Last Sunday I decided to spend a little one-on-one time with Ben during church.

Ben has been using a gait trainer in physical therapy to encourage him to bear weight on his legs, and hopefully learn to walk one day. Our house, however, isn’t very gait-trainer-friendly since we have rugs everywhere. Our church meets at one of the local high schools and therefore has large expanses of smooth floors perfect for gait trainers. Our physical therapist therefore suggested taking it to church with us to see if it worked better there.

Ben did fairly well. He still doesn’t know how to propel himself forward, but definitely deliberately pushes himself backwards. He had a great time, though, and tolerated being in the gait trainer for about 20 minutes.

When he got tired, we went to the nursery and spent some time with the other babies. He had a blast playing with the toys there.

And after that, we just hung out, got his feed going, and waited for service to be done. He was just about ready for a nap by that time.

I didn’t hear a word of the church service, and honestly didn’t feel like I missed anything. Hopefully the Good Lord will forgive me.


7 Responses to “Ben at Church”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Sometimes I wish that houses just had big open rooms for activities like you did with Ben at your church.

    The picture of Ben in the stroller is interesting to me since I know for sure we are going home on a pump. I was trying to figure out how one would be out-and-about with it.

  2. Bennie Says:

    I think you spent a good deal of time with God last weekend because I’m certain God was hanging out with Ben. I’m envious of the gait trainer! Our Ben just doesn’t tolerate it.

  3. Maureen Says:

    I think the big guy upstairs will give you a pass. Ben looks great!

  4. Christy Says:

    Karen, I think you and Ben were right where the Good Lord wanted you to be. Sounds like you had a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Sonia Says:

    Ben is doing awsome! Natalia started pushing herself back at first too. And those links on the trainer are a great idea to keep him interested up front. He looks so cute and proper in his Sunday clothes…

  6. Sandi Says:

    Ben looks like he’s having a great time! I especially love the pic of him with the xylophone…that big smile is precious! I’m sure God will give you a pass…you’re already doing the most important work there is!

  7. ariel Says:

    karen i agree with what our friends here say, our Good GOD is so pleased to see his ben trying new things that will help him walk, sure HE is there by his side guiding him all the way…

    That big smile with a xylophone on his hands just melts me…what a lovely little angel we have…

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