Happy Mother’s Day!

I certainly had a very relaxing and enjoyable Mother’s Day.  First, I was awakened with breakfast in bed. Mark (with some help from the big boys) made me eggs, toast and fruit salad. Then we went to church, came home for a quick lunch, then we went to Circuit City. We bought this neat gadget:

The big boys think it’s theirs! LOL!

Then Mark made me roast beef tenderloin for dinner. He also made us two desserts: banana ice cream with chocolate swirl, and a strawberry almond cream tart. They were wonderful!!  If this new baby weighs 10 lbs it’s all his fault.

In other news, Ben and I have been on a few shopping trips without the big boys in the last couple of weekends. I have been trying out our new shopping cart seat cover, but unfortunately it is nowhere as good as Natalia’s cover at keeping him situated. He tends to lean over to the right, maybe because his little arm is on that side, and the back of this particular cover has nothing to keep him upright:

We’ll definitely have to try something else – maybe something like what Natalia has.


8 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I think I have two shopping cart thingeys that I got as gifts for my older son but never used them. I can see that I should keep them around in case it is hard to find one that works.

  2. Misty (mason's mom) Says:

    happy mother’s day karen (a day late lol)!! love the pics and i am so glad that you were pampered with breakfast in bed and lots of relaxation. yes, i think that i to will order the cart contraption that natallia has, i almost forgot!! have a wonderful week!

  3. Sonia Says:

    Happy Mothers Day!!
    even later that Misty.. sorry 😉
    My hat off to you: 3 boys and one on the way… WOW!! you are amazing! (and Mark as well but it´s not father´s day)
    Oh, and Natalia´s shopping cart thingy is still going strong.

  4. Claire Says:


    I read about these and thought they might be useful

    love Claire

  5. ariel Says:

    Karen a belated happy mothers day!! it has ben a while i visited your wonderful nook (blog) there are just too many workloads I barely could breathe…

    Ben our star baby is so adorable in that cart….if i could only hug and kiss him, thank you for posting those photos hes sleepy? or bored…doesnt matter, he looks so adorable!

  6. ariel Says:

    btw beautiful gadget! no wonder the big boys think its theirs LOL!

  7. Miss Behaving Says:

    sorry for my ignorance but what IS that gadget? and do I need one? Should I get one? 😉

  8. Karen Says:

    It’s an iPod Touch and I doubt that anyone really needs one…

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