Happy 2nd Birthday, Ben!

Today was actually Ben’s birthday, but we had his birthday celebration last week when Grandma was still here visiting us.

Mark made chocolate cupcakes for our little party. I love cupcakes. They are easy to make and bake quickly, and best of all, easy to frost. And (if you stick to just one cake), the perfect serving size.

Ben, however, did not share our enjoyment of cupcakes:

After that, we opened presents, all of which Ben loved. Mark jokes that we probably own every baby toy currently being sold at Toys ‘R’ Us!

It’s hard to believe that Ben is 2 years old already. In a way, the time has flown by, but yet these have been the longest 2 years of our lives, I think. The second year was definitely easier and more enjoyable than the first, since we had fewer doctor visits, and Ben has stayed (mostly) healthy, and developed a neat little personality of his own.

Sometimes I do feel sad that things turned out so differently from what we have expected. If Ben were a typical 2 year old, he’d be walking and talking and chasing his brothers around the house. However, most of the time I don’t dwell on the “what if’s”, and can enjoy Ben for who he is. That has gotten easier with time.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for Ben and for all of us.


16 Responses to “Happy 2nd Birthday, Ben!”

  1. Chennette Says:

    Happy 2nd Birthday Ben!
    When he does start appreciating cake, you may miss these days 😀

  2. lisa leonard Says:

    Happy Birthday Ben! I can’t believe he is two years old!! Our first year was the hardest, too. So glad you are enjoying your sweet Ben. I love that kiddo!!

  3. Miss Behaving Says:

    Happy Birthday Ben,
    Both you and that cupcake look fabulous 🙂

  4. Dawn Says:

    Happy Birthday Ben!

  5. Sonia Says:

    Happy birthday Ben!! Those were some yummi cupcakes! I was actually wondering when his birthday was because I knew he’s around 4 months older than Natalia (august 26). I understand what you mean when you say time flew quickly and slow… I feel the same way with Natalia. This second year has also been a lot easier in all aspects. We better enjoy this year because at 3 we start with school!!!

  6. Tammy and Parker Says:

    Happy Birthday! And I love the pictures!

  7. Jose Says:

    Too bad he didn’t enojoy the cupcakes. Happy birthday Ben btw

  8. ariel Says:

    Happy happy birthday Ben!! in time, he would learn to love cupcakes!

    Karen, what a beautiful photos! you and your entire family Lovely! and Ben, what an adorable little baby boy!

    Looking forward for another Bens birthday …and more birthdays to come too!

  9. Lara Says:

    Happy Birthday Ben!!! How time flies!

  10. Lawrence Says:

    Can’t beleive it’s two years already! Happy Birthday Ben! Uncle Lawrence can’t wait to see the boys again!

  11. Misty (mason's mom) Says:

    Happy birthday BEN!!! we are thinking of you here in CO!! we are excited to see what the next year brings ben as well!! (and us of course)!

    Love misty and mason!

  12. Maureen Says:

    Happy B’Day, Ben! I can totally relate to how it feels like time has flown and yet it hasn’t. I feel that way with Hope.

    I hope the year ahead is even better than the last!

  13. Leah Says:

    Happy Birthday Ben! I stumbled upon your blog while I was searching for pictures of people who hate wallpaper. LOL My daughter Angela is turning 12 and has Down Syndrome. She, too, had a nissen/gtube done at 11 months, has a moderate bilateral hearing loss (aided on both sides) and a bunch of other stuff that just comes along with DS. Anyway, happy birthday at your house, and nice to meet you!

  14. Karen Says:

    Hi Leah! We HATE wallpaper around here! I checked out your blog – Angela is beautiful.

  15. Anne Says:

    Happy Birthday, Ben!

  16. Debbie Says:

    Happy (very) belated birthday!
    The 2nd year has been easier for us too. My pain is in Noah’s loss. I know he’s gaining a lot by having Addison as his little sister, but he wants so much to have someone to play with, and that’s what we had planned by having them close together. I plan, God laughs. 🙂

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