Why do these boys look so proud?

It’s because they scored their first goals of the soccer season! Isaac actually scored his first goal ever!!! They were both so excited and proud of themselves.

Both older boys play in our local AYSO league. Jonny is on an under-6 team, while Isaac plays under-8. I think the AYSO is cool because ALL the kids on the team get to play every game regardless of ability. This year, Mark has been coaching Isaac’s under-8 team, and he has enjoyed that too.

I love going to soccer games and cheering for all the kids.

Ben loves being outside, as long as it’s not rainy or cold. And who knows? Maybe he’ll play soccer one day too.



5 Responses to “Why do these boys look so proud?”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    WAY TO GO! Tell the boys that Uncle Lawrence is very proud of them! Can’t wait to see them again!

  2. Christine Says:

    I love Jonny’s shirt!

  3. Lisa (UK) Says:

    Little David Beckhams in the making…. so sweet!

  4. Lawrence Says:

    Christine…thanks for the comment; I missed the shirt… “Lock up your cookies” That is funny….especially if you know Jonny!

  5. ariel Says:

    Congrats to the two boys!!! they look so adorable in the field karen, and yes I pray that one day our star baby would play soccer too!

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