I wish I were a stay-at-home Mom…

Ben walker 1

…so I’d get to see Ben do all kinds of neat new things in therapy.

Last Friday our physical therapist brought a gait trainer for Ben to try out, and Mark took lots of photos. The trainer was a little too big for Ben; he is just a little guy who weighs about 16 lbs. I was told that he enjoyed standing in it, but doesn’t quite understand the whole point of walking in it yet.

Ben walker 2

I loved seeing the photos, but I felt sad that I wasn’t there to see all this happen, or to cheer for Ben.

It’s a good thing he has such a wonderful Daddy.

I hope our PT brings the gait trainer along again this Friday when I have the day off!



8 Responses to “I wish I were a stay-at-home Mom…”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    This post reminds me how completely adorable Ben is! Go Ben!

  2. ariel Says:

    Oh, i am so happy to learn of little bens development! I cheer when i learned he enjoyed doin all those stuffs…he is so adorable on that 1st photo, well to me he looks adorable in all those photos

    Go go go ben! you can do it…Our Lord JESUS is with you watchin every second of the day!

  3. Misty (mason's mom) Says:

    so CUTE!! how did friday go?? i talk about ben to our pt!! i told her about his gait walker and everything. she had never heard of cdls and has been looking over our blogs and the website. it makes me feel good when people are so willing to learn about it!! april 9th is the big day when we get our diagnosis!! i have mixed feelings about it, but i will be relieved to have it finally.
    ben doesn’t seem to mind his little walker too much! keep letting us know how he is doing k!!

  4. Sandi Says:

    Way to go Ben! He looks so cute in his gait trainer…just wait till he figures it out, he’ll be zooming around all over the place πŸ™‚ I know how you feel Karen, not always being home when things happen. Hopefully you’ll get to see him in the gait trainer on Friday!

  5. lisa leonard Says:

    i think david’s gait trainer was key in his learning to walk. before that, he used a regular baby walker. ben is so, so darling. what a love.

  6. Karen Says:

    On Friday she DID bring back the gait trainer. Ben did much better this time, and was able to propel himself BACKWARD to get away from big brother Jonathan’s attention. We all had a blast, especially Ben.
    I think we might have to get one to keep here permanently!

  7. Sonia Says:

    That sounds like fun for Ben! I’m glad he enjoys the gait trainer and that you were able to see him on it πŸ™‚

  8. Dream Mom Says:

    Glad he got to try the gait trainer. My son is 16 now but he used a similar one-my son has no use of his hands/arms and from your picture it looks like Ben uses the same kind that fits around their torso. Dear Son loved his and used to run in his and liked to crash into the walls at school (until they told him he couldn’t:)). What an exciting time for Ben! (And for you too!)

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