Get Well Soon…

Ben in Crib

Ben is usually a very healthy little guy. However, this past week he has had a cold, and since Friday his congestion and cough have become much worse. He was supposed to have physical therapy on Friday, but he was just not up to it – we decided to call it quits within 5 minutes because he alternated between sleeping and crying. He slept most of Friday and Saturday. He’s had trouble tolerating his usual formula tube feeds, and we’ve had to substitute some of his feeds with Pedialyte. If he still sounds rotten in the morning we’ll take him in to see his pediatrician.

Of course he isn’t the only sick one in our household – Mark seems to have some sort of flu-like illness with fever, chills and body aches, and Jonny is just getting over a nasty cold as well.

The only good thing about Ben being sick is that he is extra cuddly, but it’s hard to see him so miserable.

We all hope that everyone gets healthy soon!

10 Responses to “Get Well Soon…”

  1. Christine Says:

    Poor guy! I hope he starts to feel better soon.

  2. chennette Says:

    I hope everyone feels better soon – it’s that time of year you must be wishing for the tropics!

  3. lisa leonard Says:

    No fun at all! (Although, I love the extra cuddles, too!) Hope he kicks it soon. xoxo

  4. Mom/grandma Says:

    Tropics indeed……….we are having so much rain its unbelievable. Hope little Ben is much better.

  5. chennette Says:

    yes, I know – in Guyana, it’s like it hasn’t stopped raining since December and my Mom keeps complaining that the rainy season in Trinidad is so overdue, her arthritis is killing her.
    But, I would hazard a guess it’s still a tad warmer 😀

  6. Sonia Says:

    Sorry to hear the flu’s going roun your home. Hope everyone feels better soon.

  7. Misty (mason's mom) Says:

    i hope your little man is feeling better!! have a wonderful valentine’s day!

  8. ariel Says:

    Oh i am sorry to learn about the flue in your household…i feel sad too since ben is not feeling well…my poor little ben, i would pray here that ben would soon feel better and the member of your household too!

    You take care of yourself too okay? ben needs you very very much this time…

  9. Karen Says:

    Thanks for all the get-well wishes! Everyone’s on the mend at last. Ben is still congested, but definitely better than he was this weekend. I can’t wait for the summer – the kids definitely seem to be much healthier!

  10. cdls Says:

    So sorry to hear Ben is sick! The “disease” hit here as well, and unfortunately, it seems our kids with CdLS heal so much slower than the rest of us. I hope he feels better soon, but even though he isn’t feeling well, it sounds like he’s still making some progress! Imagine what he’ll do when he feels better! I’ll pray for an early spring for all of us. 🙂

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