A Few Slices of Home

My dad is visiting us from Trinidad for the next couple of months. We all thought he was a little crazy to visit in February since he has never experienced winter before, but we are glad to have him all the same. When a member of my family comes to visit, he or she usually brings the usual assortment of Trinidad goodies that I’m not able to buy in rural central Pennsylvania. This time Dad brought a special treat:

Fried breadfruit

Breadfruit! For those not familiar with breadfruit, it is the extremely starchy fruit of a tree that I assume only grows in tropical areas. This used to be one of my favorite foods when I was a kid. And here’s how I like it best – steamed first, then pan fried and slathered with salt and butter (the preparation and steaming had already been done for me by Mom and Dad in Trinidad – I just get to do the fun part!) Mark says it tastes a little like wedge-cut potatoes, but the texture is quite different.

Breadfruit and butter

My sons had to be coaxed bribed into trying it. Jonathan thought it was just “OK”, but Isaac wanted his own piece.

Isaac breadfruit

And there’s still a good supply of it left in the refrigerator. Trust me – it won’t go to waste! 🙂


5 Responses to “A Few Slices of Home”

  1. ariel Says:

    Oh! i love breadfruit, for our part here we steam it and voila and then devour on it…i love to put brown sugar with it to make it sweeter other time condensed milk..I am pretty sure the boys woll love it…especially my little ben..perhaps you mash it (like potato) and then give ben a little sure he would love it….

  2. chennette Says:

    mmm, breadfruit!
    I have never had them this way though – steamed and shallow fried. Although it seems to be an excellent way to travel with cooked breadfruit and still let you have the taste of hot, fresh and crispy breadfruit chips.

  3. Sonia Says:

    That looks yummi! Reminds me of a fruit we use in Mexico that looks like a giant banana but with an almost potatoe consitency… we fry it butter and it turns out delicious. I love how some food can evoke memories.

  4. Mom/grandma Says:

    And I didn’t have the presence of mind to keep a few slices for myself. Ah what wouldn’t a mother do for her children?

  5. Aisha Says:

    Dear Karen,

    I was just browsing on line and happened to find your website.I did love your web site.I am mom my self and blessed with 2 girls.One is just 2 months old.
    I just read your forum and I think you are an incredibile mom.I am a new mom and feel so over whelmed with kids, home and work.I feel so stressed most of the time for the amount of studying and work I do.But when I visited your web site, I just found that how great moms can be.

    I feel proud to see a mom like you.You have three beautiful angels and you are raising them and taking care of them, just the best any body can do.I think you are a super mom.I read your website and really enjoyed looking at their pictures and the way you enjoy them and just keep going in your life.Your little one is a sweet heart .May God bless him.I think he is an angel in your house.I think if God gives us a challang,he gives us the power to overcome that challange too and I think you do have that power.

    I know it is challenging for you as a mom and I myself also feel so challanged.Me and my husband try our best to do what ever we can for our kids and some times I feel that I need to do even more.
    I just wanted to appreciate you as a super mom.May God bless you and your family.
    Take care,

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