First Grade Report Card

For reasons that are unclear to me, in our school district, marking periods do not coincide with school breaks.  Isaac got his report card on Friday for the second marking period of the year that ended sometime last week.  He did very well:

Report card 1

His religion grades are OK, but we think they’re not great because he isn’t Catholic, and isn’t familiar with all those Catholic saints and customs.  Overall we were very pleased.

There were a couple of things that his teacher wants him to work on.  I am sorry to say that one of these was my  fault – tardies!!!:

Report card 2

Isn’t that terrible??? I really should get up earlier!  I promised Isaac I would do better.

If you look at the report card, there is one area that he does really well in, and that is written expression.  He has to write something almost every day for “Journal”.  If you ask him directly, he says he doesn’t enjoy this, but I think he does.

Isaac journal

“I take care of my baby brothr Ben.  He likes me so much that one time he fell asleep in my lap.”


9 Responses to “First Grade Report Card”

  1. lisa leonard Says:

    That just warms my heart-seriously! Ben is so blessed to grow up with brothers who love him so much. And Isaac and Jonathan are most certainly blessed as well.

    PS David is at least 15 minutes late for school everyday. It’s only preschool, but still–we are not off to a good start with academic promptness!

  2. Anne Says:

    I love Isaac’s essay, and his beautiful penmanship and excellent spelling. You must be so proud! 🙂

  3. Sonia Says:

    The essay is touching and I love the drawing Isaac made on top of his essay! Reading about how Isaac and Jonny love Ben and how much they influence his happiness and development makes me want to give Natalia a baby brother or sister :b

  4. lisa (UK) Says:

    Hi Karen, I used to get a lift to work with Cheryl everyday and we had to drop Aliyah off at school first, and do you know what? She was always late! Poor Aliyah, I think she had to write her name in a book or something before being allowed to go to class. Maybe it’s in your genes so technically its not your fault…. I blame Cheryl! hehehehe 🙂
    (I can hear Cheryl laughing as she reads this)

  5. Mom/grandma Says:

    Let me first congratulate Isaac on his excellent report. I am so proud of him. Lisa’s post also made me laugh as since yesterday I was thinking of what comment I should make regarding the lateness. I was going to cast all the blame on Karen taking after her dad, but after reading Lisa’s comment, seems to me she got a double whammy….thank you Lisa for opening my eyes………hehehe

  6. Aliyah Says:

    Poor me indeed! Yes, I would have to write my name in the late book at school.

    You will be pleased to note that I am very rarely late to class these days, especially since I got in the habit of leaving for class 15 minutes before it starts (it most certainly does not take me 15 minutes to walk from my residence hall to my lecture hall, even when I saunter! Oh the joys of having a tiny campus!)

  7. Miss Behaving Says:

    Congratulations on such a great report.
    Is it just in the way the photo comes out or has the teacher spelt ‘major’ , ‘maja’? 😉
    His essay is beautiful.

  8. Karen Says:

    We’ve been doing a little better at getting to school on time this week. We should never be late; I should have mentioned that we live only a 5 minute drive from Isaac’s school!!!
    Miss Behaving: I think it’s just a quirk of the teacher’s handwriting rather than actual spelling.
    Sonia: I think Natalia would LOVE a new brother or sister!

  9. ariel Says:

    What a sweet brother to our very cute ben….The Lord is Good always…he sends people around you to make you feel HIS presence…

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