I suppose it’s supposed to snow in January…

Isaac sledding 1

…but that doesn’t mean I have to like it !

Today’s snowfall took us by surprise because we don’t watch the news or the weather channel.  Our older boys LOVE snow!  As soon as Isaac got home from school, he and Jonny went out to play.   They were out there for a long time.  I went out long enough to take a few pictures, then hurried back inside to Ben, who also doesn’t like the snow.

Happy Jonny snow

Isaac sledding 2

Yes, Isaac did get wedged under the van once or twice.   It was a good thing the van was there or he would have sledded right into the street.  We really need a bigger yard!

After an hour or so, Jonny came inside, and announced that he’d had enough playing in the snow and was ready for some hot chocolate.  Now there’s something I can get into!

Jonny hot chocolate

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4 Responses to “I suppose it’s supposed to snow in January…”

  1. lisa leonard Says:

    glad you and ben can hang out together…inside! looks like a lot of fun. xoxo

  2. hodsmom Says:

    Cool cup! We, too, have lots of snow.

  3. lisa (UK) Says:

    Thankfully because I am right at the south of England (hence the name Southampton!) we don’t get snow, but it does get cold enough for hot chocolate! Yum.

    The boys look like they are enjoying it enough for all of us though. Bless them

  4. ariel Says:

    the boys are so adorable and cute..but where is my little ben he should have a photo too in here!

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