Ben PT

Ben is 20 months old, but is not exactly what I would call “mobile”. He does manage to move around somehow with a combination of scooting on his back and rolling from side to side. In the photo below, he has managed to escape his toys in search of something much more interesting to play with – the flap of cloth on the bottom of the living room chair. Santa could have saved his money!

Ben playing with chair

Four nights ago something very excited happened. Mark and I were watching “The Return of the King” for the first time on DVD, and Ben was lying on a blanket on the living room floor, playing with his toys. All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him suddenly roll over from his back to his belly…and then continued all the way over on his back again! Mark saw him too! He’d never done that before, and we were very excited. He had rolled off his blanket, so we put him back on it. Sure enough, he rolled all the way over again…and again…and again! He seemed very pleased with himself, and completely upstaged the movie.

Of course he hasn’t done it again since. We’re waiting with bated breath for him to do it again, which probably means he’ll hold out for another few months. I’m sure his physical therapist will think we are liars…we should have videotaped him.

Here’s Ben doing his abdominal crunches. He really enjoys doing these and he must have abs of steel:

Crunches 1 Crunches 2Crunches 3

In other news, we got a brand new refrigerator on Friday. It replaced our tiny 30 year old dinosaur with the metal shelves which used to randomly freeze our veggies for no good reason. The new fridge isn’t one of the fancy expensive ones, but it does have one nice feature. The freezer is on the bottom! I hadn’t intended on buying anything other than the cheapest fridge they sold at Lowe’s, but the more I looked at this, the more I couldn’t live without it. Never again will I have to grovel on the floor to get veggies out of the crisper. Thank you, Mark, for talking me into it.

New fridge

9 Responses to “Mobility”

  1. Lisa Leonard Says:

    Go Ben! That’s exactly what David does–he’ll do it once and then wait a month or two before he does it again. Argh! Love the fridge. Hugs!!

  2. Sonia Says:

    Loved the crunches pictures, LOL, sooo cute! Yaayy Ben! Isn’t it so exciting when they surprise us with new things? That huge fridge is going to come handy when your boys are hungry teenagers!! (if you don’t get a new one before that 😉 )

  3. Anne Says:

    Go, Ben! Go! What happy news!

    And congratulations on the new fridge!

  4. lisa (UK) Says:

    Oh I love the fridge, our fridge has the freezer at the bottom which makes more sense to me because on average you go in the fridge lots more than the freezer… but if the freezer has ice cream in it… well….

    Ben is too cute for words… go on Ben – work that six pack!

  5. hodsmom Says:

    Yea! Ben! Keep up the great work!

  6. Maureen Feighan- Kurth Says:

    How exciting about Ben rolling over!

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for awhile now and I figured it’s about time I spoke up. I’m Hope Kurth’s mom and I know you found our blog too.

    I just want to thank you for your blog because it’s been a such a source of comfort to me since Hope was born. Just to see your family doing regular, ordinary things like picking out a Christmas tree and going to piano recitals helped me see that that life does go on — and can be very normal –even when you’re handed something really challenging, like CdLS. I needed that. Anyhow, Ben is absolutely adorable (as are your two older sons)! Hopefully we’ll meet you all one day. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Karen Says:

    We’re still waiting for Ben’s repeat performance. Lisa, it’s funny that David does the same thing!

    Hi Maureen! Hope is beautiful, and I enjoy reading you guys’ blog too. And yes, life goes on, so we might as well enjoy it. If anything, having Ben has made me appreciate the little things more.

    I am loving the new fridge more and more every day!

  8. Sandi Says:

    Way to go Ben!! Karen, those abdominal crunch photos sure brought back memories…Jessica used to do the exact same thing! Our kids have amazing abdominal strength.

    Enjoy the new fridge 🙂


  9. ariel Says:

    oh my cute little ben! how adorably sweet! now if he can it one’s then there is no reason why he cannot make a repeat performance ..hope you can a photo or vieotaped that for us!

    Karen thank you very much for your blog, it gives me immence pleasure to watch little ben and the boys too! thank you for caring and loving ben so much God Bless You…

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