First Piano Recital

Isaac’s Recital

Last night was Isaac’s first ever piano recital. He started taking piano lessons this fall, and has been doing very well. (He enjoys his lessons, but prefers to spend hours at home playing music from “The Legend of Zelda” video game series.) He’s been preparing for this recital for weeks, and had even memorized his pieces.

We all went to see him, including Auntie Aliyah, since the recital took place at her college. Isaac got all dressed up in his shirt and tie, but unfortunately his only pair of dress pants was ruined in a washing machine-marker accident, so he had to wear his convertible cargo pants. Jonny wanted to wear a shirt and tie too when he saw what Isaac was wearing. We actually got there early and sat near the front. Lots of other kids and parents were there – I think 20 kids performed in all.

Isaac playing piano

Isaac did great. He went up on stage in front of all those people, played his music on the 9 foot Steinway without missing any notes, and bowed at the end. We were very proud of him, especially me, since even now I would have been horrified to be up on stage by myself. Ben enjoyed the music and slept for most of the recital. Jonny became a little restless and had to be cautioned a few times with the sternest whispers I could muster, but overall behaved OK.

One of the priests from the local Catholic church also started piano lessons with Isaac this fall. He also performed at the recital last night with the kids. He made lots of mistakes as he plinked out the single notes of the simple melody he was supposed to play. He finished, smiled and bowed, obviously enjoying himself, and high-fived one of the other students as he took his seat. It was so funny, but so neat! His performance was definitely one of the highlights of the evening.

Boys at recital 2

We had cookies and punch afterward, and we came home. I can’t wait until the next recital, as long as I’m not the one performing!


3 Responses to “First Piano Recital”

  1. Mom/grandma Says:

    Wow, Isaac looks very handsome all dressed up like that. Grandma is very proud of him.

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Way to go Isaac!!!

    I think I’ve said it before but I always wished that I learned the Piano. It looks so relaxing to play…..ah well…..playing on my PC gives me similar joy I think.

  3. Karen Says:

    I wish I learned how to play the piano too instead of having ballet lessons. I’m MUCH too heavy to do ballet anymore!

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