Oh Christmas Tree…

Family pic

Thanksgiving is over, December is here, so yesterday we went on our annual Christmas tree hunt. The weather was clear and chilly, but not as cold and windy as last year. All three boys were in great spirits, even Ben who doesn’t like being outdoors in cold weather. This year we had a little bit of a hike to get our tree. The tractor dropped us off on the other side of the pond:

Tree farm

But thankfully we had a cart this year.

Boys with cart

After we cut our tree we went back to the barn for some hot chocolate…

Hot chocolate

…and cookies…


…and Ben got to hold Isaac’s gloves for him.

Hold my gloves Ben

What a great day! We even saw a real live reindeer!



6 Responses to “Oh Christmas Tree…”

  1. jennifergg Says:

    Your photos are fantastic! I wish you could come to our house!

  2. lisa (UK) Says:

    Bless you all wrapped up so warm, it seems like just last week you were posting photos of “the first signs of spring”… where does the year go and why are the colder months so much longer! Grumble grumble.

    We are getting our christmas tree tomorrow… can’t wait to decorate it with as many different colours as possible!

  3. Lawrence Says:

    Ammmm…where are the tree pictures?

  4. Mom/grandma Says:

    I am waiting to see pics of the Christmas tree. Lisa, you think you are in Trinidad or what? Different colours on a Christmas tree?

  5. Karen Says:

    Jennifergg: Thanks!
    Lisa: I know what you mean about the cold months. BRRRR!
    Lawrence and Mom: Don’t worry, the tree pictures are coming.

  6. lisa (UK) Says:

    Cheryl, we have to have the most garish and tackiest tree on the street, so as many colours as possible. When Simon was growing up his mum always had her tree colour co-ordinated so simply 2 colours, maybe blue and silver or gold and red – what fun is that for a child? We make up for his years of suffering.

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