Go Steelers!

Feeling better

Ben’s feeling better, so Mark got him all decked out in his little Steelers outfit.

I fitted Ben’s new earmolds for his hearing aids. It turns out you can get earmolds almost any color you can think of, and Mark picked these out for Ben a few weeks ago. The audiologist mailed them to us, and we get to trim them to size ourselves rather than driving an hour each way for a five-minute process. The tubes are still a little long – I still have some trimming to do. Here’s the right side (black):

Black earmold

And here’s the left side (yellow/gold):

Yellow earmold

Now we’re all set!  Hey, this isn’t the Steeler game!

Where’s the Steeler game?


4 Responses to “Go Steelers!”

  1. Daddy, why does my dinner glow in the dark? « Mark Ruins Dinner Says:

    […] in case you’re wondering why the Steelers won this week, you’ll find out on Karen’s blog.  Ben’s support for the team was pivotal, and he’ll be wearing that for every game […]

  2. Anne Says:

    Ah, yes, the Steelers. This is familiar territory for us, too.

  3. sharon millar Says:

    I love the little hearing aids. They are so cute!
    You really can’t beat the Americans, they have thought of everything. I haven’t been by to visit in a while and I’m amazed at how big Ben has gotten.
    He’s looks so good. 🙂

  4. Sonia Says:

    Too cute! Now I have to go and post pictures of Natalia in her Charger outfit. btw was that the Charger vs Colts game you were watching?

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