Eyes and Ears

Gettin my eyes checked 

Ben had a formal eye exam for the first time in his life about two weeks ago.  For months we’d been noticing that his eyes tended to drift outward at times, but I couldn’t really tell which eye was the most problematic.  (You can see it just a little bit in the photo above – look at the little points of light on his eyes). His pediatrician made the referral to our favorite tertiary care center, which is an hour’s drive from our home.  We really loved the doctor who saw Ben.  She was a wonderful lady who had obviously done some reading on CdLS, and knew what to look for.

Mark and Benji at eye doctor 

She agrees that Ben has exotropia which is a kind of strabismus.  He is also a little nearsighted.  The good news is that he isn’t really favoring one eye over the other, the exotropia is intermittent, and he doesn’t need glasses yet.  We’ll be patching alternating eyes for an hour each day, and rechecking his vision in about six months.  Our doctor gave us a box of patches to get started but we promptly lost them.  We have to order some new ones, and hopefully Ben won’t mind them too much.

After that we went to have Ben’s earmolds for his hearing aids resized.  Jonny got to play with the squishy molding material. 

Jonny with squishy green stuff 

Today we had Ben’s hearing tested again.  We didn’t have an ABR, but rather they tested his ability to turn toward sound at different decibel levels and different frequencies while he was awake.  He did very well, and certainly it seems that his hearing is not deteriorating at all.  He won’t need to have another test for about 6 months. 

In fact we don’t have ANY appointments scheduled at our favorite tertiary care center until April of next year!!!  Let’s hope it stays that way!


6 Responses to “Eyes and Ears”

  1. Lisa Leonard Says:

    You certainly accomplished a lot today!! It all sounds very positive. So glad to hear it. xoxo

  2. Miss Behaving Says:

    It all sounds great, I am really glad for you.
    also had to laugh that you lost the patches, I do stuff like that all the time .LOL

  3. Sandi Says:

    Ben has such gorgeous eyes!! 🙂

    Jess was diagnosed with exotropia at about the same age Ben is now. She wouldn’t tolerate the eye patch, so they corrected it surgically. Hope Ben does well with the patching.

  4. Sonia Says:

    First of all, the shopping payed off, Ben looks adorable in his outfit. It seems things are moving along in the right direction, I’m glad!
    Oh, and I totally get the joy of not having doctor’s appointments, were still have some pending for Natalia’s 1 year follow up.

  5. Bennie Says:

    Lord, that boy is cute, cute, cute! Congrats on the eye appointment and lack of doc visits!

    Did I mention that we’d kidnap another Ben in a heartbeat?

  6. Karen Says:

    Miss B: losing the patches is so typical for us, it’s not even funny! 🙂
    Sandi: I really, really hope Ben doesn’t need surgery of any sort ever again!
    Sonia and Bennie: it’s amazing how when you have a child with special needs you really do understand how awesome it is not to have to run to the doctor several times per month.

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