Bad Parenting Tale #1

Mark and I had tickets to the musical “Gypsy” for months.  We had it all planned; my sister Aliyah was going to babysit, and Mark and I would have a date night.  Unfortunately, Aliyah had to go to Trinidad at the last minute (hi Aliyah!), and so we were left babysitter-less.  Since Ben is g-tube fed, there aren’t too many other people around whom we trust to manage his feedings.  Our state doesn’t provide respite care for children with special needs until the age of three, so it looked like our expensive tickets were not going to be used.

Or weren’t they?

Mark had the great idea that I could still go and take Isaac, our seven year old son, as my date.  After all, he’s our musical kid who likes dancing and singing.  We didn’t know anything about this particular show at all.

Me and my date 

I enjoyed the show.  It was quite entertaining, but some of the content was, shall we say, not entirely suitable for a seven year old.   But Isaac thoroughly enjoyed himself, and thought the performance was quite amusing.  It let out quite late, and he fell asleep on the way home.  Surprisingly, he awoke at his usual time this morning asking for cereal.  I sent him off to his Catholic school praying that he wouldn’t act out any scenes from Gypsy for his classmates.

My only consolation was that we didn’t have FRONT ROW SEATS like some of our dear friends who also took along their seven year olds!!!!  😀

So what lesson did we learn last night?  Always check Wikipedia before seeing a show with your child! 

(On a side note – don’t feel too sorry for Mark for missing the show.  He’ll be taking Isaac to see the Steelers play in Pittsburgh this Sunday!)


10 Responses to “Bad Parenting Tale #1”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Yes, and let’s face it, Isaac is much more likely to be exposed to inappropariate behavior at the game, which would put anyting he might have absorbed at the theatre to shame! (unfortunately).

  2. Sonia Says:

    It’s great you didn’t miss the play, and Isaac must have thought it was cool to go on a date with mom. I laughed out loud at your relief for your NOT front row seats… lets hope he only remembers the music. 🙂

  3. Sonia Says:

    oh, and I love Ben’s new picture, very cool hairdo … simply adorable!

  4. Lisa Leonard Says:

    oh that is so funny! glad it was a fun night. i hope you guys can get out soon!

  5. Miss Behaving Says:

    That is so cool that you could do that and you had a great time.
    When I was a kid the same kind of thing happened to my parents, they had tickets for ‘Gone With The Wind,’ and suddenly no sitter, so my Mum took me.
    Oh my gosh, I feel like I remember every single minute of that night, 8 years old and I watched a four hour movie and I fell in love with films and stayed in love with them.
    It is these little stitches that create the tapestry.

  6. Anne Says:

    Ben is beautiful. So are your other boys. Thank you for sharing your life here.

    P. S. I grew up in PA, in Carlisle. My parents are originally from New Kensington. Small world!

  7. Karen Says:

    We really did have a nice time.
    Dawn: I’ll leave Mark to blog about the Steeler game!
    Miss Behaving, I love your “Gone with the Wind” story. I don’t think Isaac would have sat through that one, though!
    Thanks, Sonia, Ben’s hair still has a tendency to do the faux-hawk thing. We love it!
    Lisa: I hope Mark and I can go out sometime too. I think that for us it’s been one of the most difficult things about having a child with special needs.
    Thanks, Anne! Small world indeed! I’ve added you to my blogroll, if that’s OK.

  8. Michele B Says:

    O.k. as mom of the seven year olds in the front row seats I have to say the “dance” scene was EXTREMEMLY uncomfortabe sitting next to the girls. I kept a running conversation with Emma the whole scene and she thought it was “weird” and couldn’t understand why all the adults were laughing and clapping at such strange behavior. We thought we had survived unscathed as the girls made no comment about this part of the show that night or for days afterwards despite much conversation about the rest of the show. Then a week later when Emma was in the shower, she called to me and said “look mom just like on stage” and sang “with a bump and bump and a bump, bump, bump” with “dance steps” to match. Not my most proud parenting moment….

  9. Karen Says:

    LOL!!! How funny, Michele! Did you take her to confession???
    Isaac actually demonstrated that part for Jonny too (much to Jonny’s amusement), but fortunately I think they’ve both forgotten about it!

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