Is It Fall Already??

Cold Jonny 

I was just getting used to the summer!

We awoke eagerly on Saturday morning, ready to go to Isaac’s soccer game.  We checked the temperature and the day’s forecast.  Would you believe that it was in the 50’s when we awoke, and the high was supposed to be in the 60’s all day???  It seems that fall is officially here.  The arrival of cooler weather always is a shock to me, even after living in a temperate climate for 15 years.  I guess I’ll always be tropical at heart. 😉

Cold Benji

We went to our soccer game.  Fortunately we had blankets for Jonny and Ben.  Eventually Jonny climbed into my lap and covered us both with his blanket, and I was so grateful.  Mark wondered why I didn’t take any photos during the game – I was trying my best to keep my hands warm!  Ben had a nice thick blanket all to himself.  He was perfectly comfortable, and managed to sleep through most of the game.


I went shopping later in the day, and the local farm had all their fall gourds and mums on display – very colorful.


This evening we went to dinner at the home of some friends from church.  They live out in the country (more so than we do), and their neighbor raises horses.  Isaac got to touch a horse for the first time, after a little encouragement.  He was much more interested in the horse than he was in the cows from a few weeks ago.


Isaac also lost his first upper baby tooth on Saturday night in the parking lot right before church.  He looks so cute, but he won’t let me take a picture of him.  I hope the tooth fairy remembers to do her job tonight!

So, I’d better unpack all my winter clothes from the cedar chest, since the chilly weather is probably going to stick around for awhile.


6 Responses to “Is It Fall Already??”

  1. Lisa Leonard Says:

    I love fall! Still feels like summer here-I actually got a little burned at our church picnic today. I’m ready to break out the sweaters and boots! (Not that it gets THAT cold, but ya know!)

  2. Dawn Says:

    So, did the tooth fairy come on time? She’s hit or miss at our house, and things like daylight savings time kicking have been known to delay her up to a day.

  3. Sonia Says:

    Today was a little chilly here as well. The pumpkin picture screams fall, loved it. I live for cold weather, love to snuggle in a warm sweater or blanket. Although truth be told, last winter we stayed cooped up home with Natalia because she was aspirating & we were in a frontal battle with pneumonia which we thankfully won. Hope this fall/winter is easier now that her defenses are stronger.
    Hope the tooth fairy isn’t to cold to come out and do what she does best.

  4. Karen Says:

    I can’t wait until it gets warm again! It seems like we only have 3 months of good weather and 9 months of cold weather. Brrrr! I’m ready to break out the space heater for my office.
    Lisa, you are so lucky you live in California!
    Dawn, the tooth fairy dutifully came last night. She has forgotten to come 33% of the time so far, so we must have the same tooth fairy servicing our area! 😉
    Sonia, I hope Natalia has a much healthier winter this year!

  5. Bennie Says:

    Karen, as hot as it’s been down here this summer I’m dreading the cold weather too. If we had about two weeks of cool temps and then it turned hot again It’d be perfect.

  6. Karen Says:

    Two weeks of cool temperatures would be OK. I wonder why I even moved to Pennsylvania!
    It does look like we’ll be getting a brief reprieve – it’ll be in the 80’s again this weekend!

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