Catsitting with Jonny


We don’t have any pets.  I would love to have a nice kitty cat, but Mark and Isaac are very allergic, so I can’t.  Our neighbors went out of town last weekend, and they asked if we would take care of their little kitty named Emmie.  I happily agreed to do it.

Where is Emmie

Jonny came with me every day to take care of Emmie.  He really loves her!  She is not used to having kids around, so it did take her a while to warm up to Jonny, but she did.  He would ask to go and see her every couple of hours.  She certainly never had a chance to get lonely!

 Jonny and Emmie 2

Before long, she wouldn’t give me the time of day, but would play happily with Jonny.  He’d throw her toy mice and she’d scamper after them.  She even posed for him to take pictures of her! The first photo in this post was taken by Jonny – everytime I tried to get one, she would move away.

Jonny with Emmie 1

So if anyone needs a cat-sitter, we’re your team!

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3 Responses to “Catsitting with Jonny”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Oh that is so adorable! I guess the commute is too far for you guys to cat sit ours next summer…..

  2. mark - in my own defense Says:


  3. Ilta Says:

    Looking up cats to see if we should get one, and I stumbled across this. I have two kids, one son, one daughter, and our neighbour has two cats who are always in our garden and much loved by our kids. This is very cute. I wonder what it is about children and cats? They always seem to get along…

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