Isaac soccer game 

It’s that time again!

Isaac has played soccer with our local AYSO chapter for almost two years, and Jonny is finally old enough to play this time.  Both boys are so excited!  Mark has even signed up to coach Isaac’s under-8 team.  Jonny’s first practice was on Thursday, and Isaac had practice on Monday and his first game yesterday.

Jonny soccer game

Isaac’s uniform is blue which is his favorite color.  “Finally!”  he said.  He was purple last year and wasn’t too happy about that because he thinks purple is a “girl color.”  We don’t have Jonny’s uniform yet, so we don’t know what color it will be.

Ben at soccer gameJonny and Ben 2

Ben always has a great time being outside and watching, as long as it’s not too hot.  As usual, Jonny won’t leave him alone! 

Jonny and Ben 1

Isaac did very well in his game yesterday, going after the ball instead of just standing there and watching the game go by.   Jonny had a great time strutting around in his brand new cleats and shin guards.  I hope all three boys enjoy this season.


One Response to “Soccer!”

  1. Lisa Leonard Says:

    I love Jonny sitting in Ben’s seat. Great pics!!

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