Starting First Grade

First day of first grade 

Isaac started first grade today!  Doesn’t he look sharp in his crisp new uniform?

Yesterday afternoon we all went to an open house at his school.  He was able to meet his new teacher, drop off his school supplies, get familiar with his new classroom, and hang out briefly with some of his friends.  His new teacher seems like a very nice lady.  (AND she’s a big Lord of the Rings fan!)  There are so many neat things in his classroom: even a calendar to show who lost a tooth in which month.  All the same, Isaac is a little apprehensive about going back to school:

Open house 1 

He’s a good student who behaves very well in school, but let’s face it.  Given the choice, he would much rather stay home and play video games all day.

Jonny and Ben also enjoyed open house.  Jonny took several photos of his own, but that’s for another post.  😉

Open house 2

Here are Isaac and Ben after Isaac got home from school today.  I guess they missed each other.

Home at last


4 Responses to “Starting First Grade”

  1. Mom/grandma Says:

    What a nice picture there with Ben and Isaac. Stay home and play video games indeed……….

  2. larabh Says:

    Cute pictures.

    How I wish the schools out here had uniforms. I am dreading the task of buying enough clothes for school and picking them out each morning when Matthew starts JK next year!!

  3. Karen Says:

    The only reason Isaac has a uniform is that he goes to a private Catholic school. Most of the schools around here don’t have uniforms. I like the idea of uniforms, but unfortunately our school gets them exclusively from an expensive supplier and we can’t buy cheaper versions from Walmart or Target. I thought the whole idea of having uniforms was to DECREASE clothing costs. Since when is it reasonable to pay US $15 for a short sleeve white polo for a seven year old????

  4. noelia33 Says:

    Karen I agree about uniforms. I really think it shows equallity and the kids are here to learn and it is not a fashion show. THe cost are rediculous though. Here Jacob school khaki pants costed me $30 tt ( 5 us$) but madeline overalls ready made are 100tt$( 15US$) .

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