The Park…and some Cows

Boys on Monkey Bars 

Over the weekend, we took the boys to the park.  Mark went early because he had to attend a soccer coach training session (he will be coaching Isaac’s soccer team this fall).  By the time I got the boys all ready to go, it was after noon!   And it was hot!

Mark and Ben at park 

Isaac didn’t want to go to the park at first, preferring instead to stay home in the air-conditioning and play video games.  But all that changed once he saw the monkey bars.  All three boys had a great time.

Jonny swinging from barsCentral PA cows

There was a herd of cows in a field immediately adjacent to the park.  Our boys have all been born in central PA and have never really seen a cow up close, so we decided to fix that.  (However we didn’t get close enough to be zapped by the electric fence).  While Jonny and Ben were interested, Isaac was summarily unimpressed.  He took one glance and said, “OK, now we’ve seen them.  Can we leave now?”  For a country boy he has no respect for livestock. 

Isaac and Cows


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