We Need a Pool!

Mark and Ben in pool 

This last Saturday we went to the home of some very dear friends for a surprise birthday party.  We had lots of fun – and the food was awesome (authentic Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine).  Our friends have a lovely swimming pool, and we got to give Ben his first taste of swimming.  I got him a cute little swim outfit from Target.   I also checked with his g-tube nurse; apparently there are no restrictions for swimming with a MIC-KEY button.

 He wasn’t a fan at first….

Ben in pool 1 

…but he soon came around.  By the time I took him out of the water his feet were all wrinkly and he was having a blast!

Ben in pool 2

Isaac is starting to swim all by himself!  Those swimming lessons at the YMCA really were a good idea for him.

Look Ma No Floaties! 

Alas, Jonny wanted no part of the pool.  Instead he stuck to me like glue for most of the afternoon, and made the adults laugh with his inappropriate comments, but he also entertained Ben once he got out of the pool.

 Jonny and Ben with rings

Mark and I joked that our next house definitely needs a pool!

6 Responses to “We Need a Pool!”

  1. Lisa Leonard Says:

    I’m so glad Ben got used to the water and enjoyed the pool! I think it’s great sensory-wise! And, of course, it’s just fun to play. Way to go Isaac!!

  2. Lawrence Says:

    Yes….you need a pool…make sure it is heated, cause we trinis don’t like the cold you know…

  3. Karen Says:

    I think an unheated pool would be unusable in PA. It’s just not warm here for long enough.

  4. Christy & Baylee Says:

    I think it’s a “CdLS-thing”! Our kids just LOVE the water. Baylee begs to go to the pool every day and it breaks her heart when the neighborhood pool closes for the season. She lives for swimming and one of her few words is “pool”. For her to say a word, it’s gotta have lots of meaning for her! I suspect Ben will have a great love for swimming as well. Up until this summer, Baylee used a My Pool Pal swimming suit and it gave her so much freedom to swim around the pool. It was ONE recreational activity she could do with relatively little to no assistance (though we always keep a watchful eye as anyone does with kids in the water). Now she’s starting to swim with a regular suit and is actually making some progress. I think someday she may actually have some passable swimming skills. In any case, I hope Ben enjoys the water for the rest of the season and that maybe someday you realize your dream of having a pool. We have a YMCA opening up near us within the next 20 months hopefully. We will definitely join so Baylee can swim year round.

  5. Karen Says:

    So glad to hear that Baylee enjoys swimming so much. That is amazing that she is so close to swimming on her own! Alas, we won’t be getting a pool anytime in the foreseeable future. We do have a good YMCA locally, though, and once the school year starts up again, we will see if we can start Ben in one of the infant swim classes. I think he’ll enjoy it.

  6. Michele B Says:

    I cant believe I missed Ben “swimming” for the first time! He’s welcome to come anytime and the great thing about the heat is that we still have another six weeks at least.

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