Jonathan’s Dental Checkup

Jonny at dentist 

Jonny’s first visit to the dentist was yesterday.  He took Isaac’s Mickey Mouse along for moral support and did surprisingly well for a four year old I thought.  He got right up into the chair, opened his mouth when he was supposed to, and tolerated the cleaning (although he got a little scared by the toothbrush), but he opted for a regular cup and sink instead of letting the dental hygenist squirt water into his mouth.  He also let the dentist look at his teeth again. 

Alas, he has one small cavity at the tender age of four.

For now we have decided to keep an eye on things while I gently introduce the idea of fixing the cavity to Jonny.  I am fairly sure that he will freak out once he realizes what they need to do…I was an adult before I needed to have any fillings.

I am glad that we didn’t wait until he was seven to have his first checkup like we did with Isaac.  We’ll be continuing to brush very diligently, and hopefully he won’t get any more cavities. 

Here’s Isaac holding Ben yesterday morning.  He likes to lull Ben to sleep.

Go to sleep Ben 

Here are the boys getting ready for bed tonight.   They both begged for Ben to keep them company.  At first I thought they wouldn’t go to sleep, but it seems that Ben worked his magic on them…

Time for sleep 1Time for sleep 2Time for sleep 3


9 Responses to “Jonathan’s Dental Checkup”

  1. lisa leonard Says:

    brothers, sooo sweet.

  2. Dawn Says:

    Oh my gosh, that’s SO cute. Ben lulled the older boys to sleep, and he sits there all wide eyed.

  3. Aliyah Says:

    Poor Jonny! I don’t know how you’ll get him to sit through getting a filling!

  4. Karen Says:

    Me neither. Just the thought of them approaching him with that long needle or the drill…..

  5. Dawn Says:

    If it helps at all, Bryson’s had a couple of fillings. They’ve been so small they didn’t use novacaine (or whatever they use nowadays) but just scraped/drilled it off without, telling him to let them know if it hurt. It didn’t and it took all of 5 minutes. Have Jonny call his cousin if he needs a pep talk!

  6. Grandma Cheryl Says:

    Ben looks like he likes all the attention. As for Jonny, I wouldn’t like to be there to witness the drilling episode. I am happy that you all were able to make the trip to Pittsburgh. It might have been better if you all could have come to Trinidad, but I am sure grandma was happy to have the clan over for a visit.

  7. Noelia Says:

    Madeline also had a small cavity in one of her molars. SInce it will take a while to drop off we had to fill it also . I was week in the knees but madeline seem to be braver than me. She told me everything will be alright. THe dentist is a very calm and cool person and madeline likes him a lot, I think that helps. She took the shot okay and kept telling me she feeling funny in her mouth after. I was glad when it was over……

  8. Noelia Says:

    oh yeah I would like to borrow Ben to put my kids to sleep too…..

  9. Karen Says:

    Dawn, thanks for the tip. I will ask our dentist if he can do the filling without novocaine. I think for Jonny the needle will be more traumatic than the actual drilling.
    Noelia, trust me, Madeline sounds MUCH braver than Jonny! He is NOT a calm child by any means! I think the minute they approach him with the needle he will fly off the chair screaming at the top of his lungs.

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