PT and OT Updates, and Speech Therapy Evaluation

Happy Ben 

Yesterday Ben had a very busy day. 

He started at 10 am with his weekly physical therapy session.  In PT he works on his gross motor skills – rolling, sitting, and standing.  He used to hate PT when he was younger, but lately it’s been his favorite.  Yesterday was no exception – he was happy and cooperative with his therapist.  He is doing much better with sitting unsupported, but he gets tired quickly and doesn’t catch himself when he tips over…yet.  Here he is practicing standing and holding on to his Exersaucer.

Ben standing at saucer 

At 1 pm he had an OT session.  This one was a little different, because in addition to our regular occupational therapist, we also had a speech therapist and our family service coordinator visiting.  One of the reasons for the visit was to see whether Ben would benefit from starting speech therapy services.

Ben sitting

Ben was surprisingly still awake and alert for the afternoon visit.  We showed his OT how well he can grasp toys now, and she was pleased.  She worked on sitting some more, and she is impressed with how much his upper body strength has improved.  The speech therapist brought a brand new mirror toy for Ben to look at which he loved…

I just love that toy

She tried to get him to respond to his name, which he didn’t do for her (too interested in the toy perhaps), although he does for us sometimes.  We talked about his hearing loss, whether he tolerates his hearing aids (he does for now), what sounds he makes (mainly “aaaaaaaah” and blowing raspberries) and what our goals for him were. 

I told her that we’d be thrilled if Ben learns to talk someday, but what is more important for us is that he is able to communicate with us, and vice versa.  We talked about using sign language, pictures, and electronic devices.  It turns out that there is a place not too far from here where, when Ben is older, we might be able to borrow one of those devices to see if it would work for him.  We were very encouraged after talking to her, and so we’ll be starting twice monthly speech therapy sessions with her.

Ben standing

We have not been pushing Ben with resuming oral feeds lately because of the negative responses he’s been giving us.  His OT did manage to get him very relaxed on the floor, and was even able to put his spoon in his mouth!  As you can see, he was enjoying this, and fell asleep in the end.  So we will begin re-introducing oral tastes again.  Wish us luck!

Ben with spoon

6 Responses to “PT and OT Updates, and Speech Therapy Evaluation”

  1. lisa leonard Says:

    wow! that sounds like some really positive news! what a determined, delightful little guy. i think i might be in love…

  2. cdls Says:

    Baylee has an electronic communication device and she uses it like an expert! Hopefully Ben will find one useful as well someday! Baylee has a DynaMyte 3100, which is no longer made (when it dies, it’s toast because they can’t get the chips to repair it anymore), but DynaVox has new models that someday we hope to upgrade to.

  3. Grandma Cheryl Says:

    Its so nice seeing the progress that Ben is making. I am thinking that if Mary had all that when she was his age, she would have been so much more advanced. But she is doing well and has actually added a few more vwords to her vocabulary..vacuum, Trincity Mall….

  4. Danielle Says:

    Just getting caught up on your site. Lots going on for you all! Let me just say, I cracked up a few posts down at you “No, boys, get off Ben!/Leave Ben alone!” comment. That is so cool that they already love their brother so much. Happy oral feeding vibes coming your way.

  5. Bennie Says:

    What wonderful accomplishments you have to look forward to. Your Ben is doing marvelous with his therapies! BTW, HE IS ADORABLE!!!!! Can he come play with our Ben?

  6. Karen Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for all the encouraging words. Mom, glad to hear that Maryam never stops learning. Bennie, we’d love to come play and paint with your Ben anytime!

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