Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac 7 years old 

It’s hard to believe, but my oldest son turned 7 on Friday.  It seems like just yesterday that I was bringing my first new-baby-bundle home from the hospital.  He has grown into such a (usually) good big boy.  In the photo above, he is wearing the brand new “Pirates of the Caribbean” t-shirt that his great grandma Rita sent him.

We had a small pirate-themed birthday party at our house for Isaac and a few of his friends.  I am so glad we didn’t invite more kids!  I had originally planned a couple games and activities, but in the end the kids mostly just ran around with toy swords screaming at the tops of their lungs (which was fine with me).  We had a few squabbles, and one of our young guests found some long-hidden silly string with very messy consequences, but fortunately we had no major injuries.   Mark made burgers and grilled chicken.  We had cake and ice cream.  We opened presents.  We didn’t have any good/easy way of suspending the pinata outside, so we just set it on the grass and let the kids have at it!

Ready for cakePinata

Overall, I think the kids had fun, and so did I.    I was pretty tired by the end of the day, even if the kids weren’t. 

Here is the present that Isaac has been asking for all week:

 Isaac with ocarinaOcarina

It’s a musical instrument called an ocarina.  It’s ceramic, and we first heard of these on the “Legend of Zelda” video game series.  Isaac was thrilled, and really wants to learn how to play it.  It’s pretty difficult, so we’ll see.

In other news, we now have a new range!  It was delivered right before the party yesterday.  It seems to work fine, but I am still getting used to not having the Jenn-Air downdraft.

Yesterday we also received our copy of the latest Harry Potter book!  I haven’t been able to read very much of it, but so far it is living up to expectations.  Mark has very graciously allowed me to read it first.  Fortunately I am on vacation for the next two weeks, so I should be able to finish it soon so that he can read it.   We’ll have to read quickly to avoid possible spoilers on the internet.  (Note to Aliyah – if you have read any spoilers, do NOT tell me any please!!!!!)

8 Responses to “Happy Birthday Isaac!”

  1. Aliyah Says:

    I have not merely read some spoilers– I have spoiled the entire book for myself. But never fear, big sis, I won’t tell you any of the important plot points, and I can’t tell you about the juicy details (simply because I don’t know about those yet.)

  2. Chuck Says:

    He got an ocarina! LOL
    Zelda fanboy.

  3. Mom/Grandma Says:

    What a big boy indeed…….7 years old. I can remember my visit when he was just 6 weeks old and he was such a sweet, cheerful baby (at least when I was there) lol

    Happy Birthday Isaac.

  4. cdls Says:

    Happy Birthday, Isaac!

    I learned something new today….had never heard of a ocarina!

    Christy, mom to Baylee, CdLS.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Happy birthday! Looks like fun. I love the pinata bashing.

  6. Lawrence Says:

    Looks like Isaac had fun! Wish I was there….again. As for the silly string, I knew buying it for the boys was a good idea. What I would’nt pay to see the look on your face when you saw the room!

  7. Karen Says:

    OK, we are Zelda geeks. I’ll have to do a whole post about that sometime.
    That poor pinata never stood a chance…
    Lawrence: I am sure some silly string will be waiting for you when you next visit!

  8. Grandpa Lars Says:

    Well, happy belated greetings for Isaac. Birthday parties are what kids live for, I hear – maybe I’ll have one when I get to my second childhood (fast approaching???)

    Note to Mark: the green patch of lawn under the eaves tells me that the irrigation system you and I set up a yesr ago is still working well. Am I right? :))

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