I’m Starving! Can’t this thing run any faster??!?

Pulling on tube 1

 Pulling on tube 2

Ben has just started pulling on toys and other objects alot recently.  He also has been rolling regularly from his back to his tummy (although he gets stuck when that happens).  We are thrilled to see these new signs of development.

The other day Ben decided to yank on his feeding tube.  He thought it was great fun.  We won’t be letting him do that too much because he might hurt himself or (more likely) end up in a pool of milk!  He also enjoys pulling doll hair (thanks for the red-haired dolly, Auntie Aliyah!), and any other toy with long skinny arms. 

He has been such a happy little guy recently.

Pulling on dolly hair

5 Responses to “I’m Starving! Can’t this thing run any faster??!?”

  1. Aliyah Says:

    It amuses me that the doll still manages to look indecent dressed in an Amish/Mennonite style dress!

  2. Lawrence Says:

    I was wondering about the topless doll……Seems Ben has already mastered the art of taking off ladies clothes…that will help him tremendously later in life.

  3. Lisa Says:

    what a big boy! that is exciting that he is starting to roll, just wait, before you know it he’ll be all over the place!

    so glad you guys have a pump. we didn’t have one for the first six months or so and i felt like i had a new lease on life when we finally got one!

    i think the dolly looks fine topless 🙂

  4. Christine Says:

    So do you think that when Ben gets older he will have a thing for redheads??

    Glad to hear that he is doing well. He looks great!!

  5. Karen Says:

    I’m not sure how dolly’s dress got that way, but I’m fairly certain Ben had nothing to do with it. Maybe she is just reverting to her old ways, Aliyah!
    We’ve had that Zevex pump since Ben was about 5 months old. When he was first born, he ate such tiny volumes that we actually used a battery-operated syringe pump. We’ve always had to use a pump because he never tolerated gravity feeding too well – too fast of a flow I guess.

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