Isaac Hair

Mark and the boys got haircuts today. Jonny and Isaac decided to be daring and got their hair spiked with gel.  To my chagrin, Mark didn’t take pictures as soon as they got their haircuts, so by the time I got home from work, their hair had flattened out quite a bit.

Jonny Hair 

Ben, however, has the coolest hair without even trying. It has always had a tendency to stick straight up in the middle since birth. 

I’ve noticed that these mini-mohawks are everywhere these days…

Ben HairMore Ben Hair

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8 Responses to “Hair”

  1. Lisa Says:

    we call it a faux-hawk. it’s sooo hip!

  2. Karen Says:

    LOL! Faux-hawk! Thank you, Lisa. That’s sooo California!

  3. Sandi Says:

    Cool hair, Ben! Since we had to cut Jessica’s hair really short hers does the faux-hawk thing too. Not such a good look on a girl, LOL 😉

  4. Lawrence Says:

    Spikes are fun; I see what the haircut causes involuntory muscle spasams in older children though! Ben looks so happy in the left picture. Can’t wait to see them all again.

  5. Lawrence Says:

    Muscle spasams in the tongue that is.

  6. Karen Says:

    Isaac and Jonathan both seem to have a terrible case of tongue spasms these days. I get very few pictures without at least one of them sticking out his tongue.
    Doesn’t Isaac look like SUCH a preteen already, though?

  7. Lawrence Says:

    Yeah he does….I thought that was my imagination….knowing Isaac and seeing the picture are two different experiences!

  8. sabaah Says:

    luvvin the hair ben!!!!!!cool hair

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