Church Picnic

 Ben at Picnic

Happy 4th of July!  We had a very quiet holiday at home, with much video-game playing by our older sons.  The weather looked gray, overcast and threatened to rain all day.  We had one of our good friends over for lunch/dinner, and we were so panicked by the weather that we ate our barbecue at 3 pm.  It didn’t rain after all. 

Isaac 1Isaac on roller

I didn’t take a single picture yesterday, so these are pictures from our annual church picnic that we had on Sunday morning.  We had a very nice open-air service.  There was no shade, but the temperature was a pleasant 78 degrees, and there was a strong breeze.  The wind makes Jonny nervous, and he held on to the case for my lawn chair, terrified that it would blow away.  (He hates ANYTHING to blow away, having been traumatized by balloon losses early in life).

Its going to blow awaySeesawJonny seesaw

After that, the boys played, and we ate.  Ben played with his toys in the Pack ‘n’ Play, and enjoyed being played with, talked to, and held.  The food was good, and we talked to friends.  A lot of people (especially kids) had questions about Ben and CdLS, and we got to answer them.  I guess it’s OK for people to ask questions, but every now and then I wish we could have a family outing without having to answer so many questions…maybe I just need to grow a thicker skin.

The boys went to bed on time, and slept well.  In all, we had a very nice time, I was glad we went, and I’m looking forward to next year. 

3 Responses to “Church Picnic”

  1. lisa leonard Says:

    Looks like fun! I know what you mean about wanting to be incognito sometimes. there are days i like talking about it and days i just want to “be”. We love going to restaurants and places where we are locals and no one does a double take.

  2. Bennie Says:

    First of…WHAT A HANDSOME SET OF BOYS!!! I love Ben’s grin in that photo! Second, you will get used to the questions. It used to irritate the devil out of me to have to continue repeating myself. When I realized that 99% of the questions came from children I began to look at it as an education.

    A good example is how folks treated our son when we took him to our daughter’s school. You’d have thought we all had the plague when she was in K5. This past 4th grade year I was constantly asked a new question: “where’s Ben?” by parents, teachers, and students. They’ve all come to accept him as one of them!

  3. Karen Says:

    Thanks Lisa and Bennie. I guess some days the questions bother me more than others. The questions from kids don’t bother me as much as some of the questions the adults ask me – but that’s another story. You’re right of course, that I’ll get used to them. That’s a neat story about your Ben – I hope it will be like that for our Ben one day!

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