On Vacation at Last!

Bikes 3Bikes 2

My, what a busy week this has been!  But it’s over now, and I’m on vacation until the 25th, thank goodness.  We’re not going anywhere, or doing anything fun, but it is so nice not to have to go to work for awhile.  I’ve not really had a vacation since Ben was born, so this is an especially welcome break.   Isaac has been off school now for a week, and so far has been having a good time, even though he is already complaining about missing his school friends!

One of Jonny’s birthday presents was a brand new bike.  He and Isaac have been very enthusiastic about riding their bikes this week.  Since we don’t really have anywhere safe to ride close to home, Mark has been driving them to the local park to practice.  I went with them on Wednesday before work.  It was a beautiful morning, and Ben slept peacefully in the shade.  Hopefully we’ll be able to go often enough that Isaac will be out of training wheels soon.

Sleeping in the shade

Ben seems to be having a little bit of an off-week.  He hasn’t been too interested in oral feeds at all.  His occupational therapist suggested backing off somewhat, and going back to oral stimulation without food for now.  It’s a little discouraging, but we know that teaching him to eat by mouth will take time and patience.

I am cat-sitting for the next few days!  I love cats, but Mark and Isaac are both terribly allergic to cats, so we can’t have one in our home.  Our neighbor asked us to look in on their kitty while they were gone on a trip, and I gladly accepted.   Jonny has been helping me take care of her, and I’ve been getting my fill of cat-kisses every day.

Here are Isaac and Jonny early this morning fighting over who gets to hold Ben first.  As usual, Ben was very tolerant of their pulling and tugging…

Fighting over Ben 1Fighting over Ben 2


5 Responses to “On Vacation at Last!”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    Nice pics Karen. Don’t the boys look nice riding their bokes….and dosen’t poor Ben look so careless even with two boys literally tearing him apart in a fight to see who gets to hold him first.

    What’s with the helmets for the boys? How can boys ever really be boys if they don’t crack open their skulls once or twice. I for one am strongly against helmets! How will you ever learn not to fall of your bike if it does not hust when you fall. These nowadays boys! What a shame! 🙂

    As for your vacation Karen, how I wish I was there so I would make you and Mark drive me all over PA!!!

  2. Mom/Grandma Says:

    The first picture reminds me of you and lawrence on your bikes. I am sure you are happy for your days off from work. As for us, we’ll be off to Antigua tomorrow. Sorry the whole family couldn’t make it together. I am sure the boys would love the beaches there. No big waves to crash into them, like Maracas Bay.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Hope your vacation is restful! Lov the pics, especially the one of the boys fighting over Ben. It’s good to be loved, even when sometimes it hurts!!

  4. Karen Says:

    Hmph. I wish I was in Antigua with you guys this week, but nobody invited us until I realized that my passport has expired.
    Lawrence: bike helmets are required by law in PA until kids are 12 years old! I don’t want to get hauled off to jail because they’re not wearing helmets!
    Ben is definitely loved by his big brothers!

  5. Karen Says:

    BTW: I rescued Ben shortly after the photos were taken. I told the older two that they couldn’t have him until they sorted out their differences.

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