Lost Tooth!

Isaac’s missing tooth 

Isaac lost his very first tooth on Saturday while I was at work.  He was thrilled and was all smiles.  My little boy is growing up!   The tooth fairy had to get a little creative and went to the post office lobby to buy a book of stamps from the vending machine.  She was rewarded with golden dollar coins for change.  These are perfect for a first lost tooth, she thought.  Isaac was duly impressed the next morning, and promptly put them in his piggy bank. 

After I got done with work we caught the tail end of Isaac’s end-of-soccer-season party.  The boys had a great time playing and kicking soccer balls.  Ben was in a great mood, and watched all the kids with great interest.

Ben watching boysAll 3 boys at soccer field

I wish I didn’t work weekends at all.  Thankfully it doesn’t happen very often, and I am actually on vacation all next week!  I can’t wait. 

10 Responses to “Lost Tooth!”

  1. Mom/Grandma Says:

    Wow, Isaac is indeed a big boy now. Ddi you have to tie a string on that tooth to pull it out? I remember Lawrence with his…………hahaha

  2. Lawrence Says:

    I do not recall any fancy string works for me…..as I remember it, my loving mother would pretend to just want to rock it to see if it was ready and then would yank it out of the unsuspecting victims mouth. Of course, that would only work the first time!

    Is it me or did we loose teeth alot earlier in Trinidad. Must be the water!

  3. Karen Says:

    I remember Mom pretending to want to check the tooth for looseness…
    I think Isaac is the last one in his class to lose a tooth, even though he is one of the oldest. I think he gets that from Mark’s side of the family.

  4. markruinsdinner Says:

    No, he just gets it from me. And now that we have his first tooth we can put it in his baby book, right next to his umbilical cord stump!

  5. Danielle Says:

    Karen- Re: Camp Barnabas- You should for SURE check it out in a few years. My sister has worked there for 4 years and I volunteered there a few years as well. It is GREAT. And Ben’s brothers can go with him. They have ‘camper’ cabins and activities and also ‘sibling’ cabins and activities. I could go on and on, but will spare you 🙂

  6. Dawn Says:

    Please don’t blame the late-to-lose-teeth thing on the whole family. That is a Mark-ism.

  7. Noelia Says:

    Madeline has both bottom teeth out and her adult teeth is growing to be two giants. Actually I had to go to the dentist to pull out her baby teeth since her adult teeth were growing without waiting for the baby teeth to fall out. Unlike aunt cheryl and pulling it out like that, I will feel so week in my knees to do that…that what dentist are for .

  8. Mom/Grandma Says:

    you whimps…….I can assist anyone who needs help in having these harmless baby teeth removed……….

  9. Karen Says:

    Mark did the tooth-plucking this time. I am told it was ripe and ready to come out, and needed very little pressure. I am hoping we don’t need to have any pulling done at the dentist!
    Danielle, I showed the Camp Barnabas webite and video to my husband Mark, and we both agreed that something like that would be a WONDERFUL experience for all 3 boys when they are a little older.
    For everyone else, Camp Barnabas is a camp for children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities, and various other special needs. Check out Danielle’s blog and recent post about Camp Barnabas here.

  10. Robin Says:

    You all are hilarious. Thank you for the updates. I, Robin, am home with all 3 of my munchkins all summer. It should be fun. Stephen is 6, almost 7, Andrew is 5, and Sara is almost 3.
    I should really do a blog as well. We have some funny kids.
    Thanks again.

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