Happy Birthday Jonny!

Happy birthday Jonny 

Yesterday Jonny turned four.  How time flies!  Unfortunately, I forgot to rearrange my work schedule, and things were busier than usual at the office, so I came home rather late.  😦

The older boys didn’t seem to mind too much, and they greeted me enthusiastically at the door.  They were so excited.  I actually was impressed at how patient they were, waiting until late evening before cake, ice cream, or presents!   Mark was making bake and shark for dinner when I arrived.   Dinner was delicious – the fish was seasoned nicely, even if some of the bakes were a little charred.  😉

Then we opened presents.  The funniest part of the evening was when Isaac gave Jonny his present.  He said, “Jonny, I bought this for both of us!”  So now the truth comes out!

Presents 1Presents 2

Then we had cake and ice cream.  The cake was a homemade chocolate box cake (I baked it, Aliyah decorated it).  Thank goodness Jonny isn’t yet at the age where he wants an expensive store-bought cake!  Ben had a little ice cream, really enjoyed it, and gave us some big, runny smilies.  🙂

Yummy ice cream 

The only problem with having birthday festivities late on a weeknight is that little boys don’t want to go to bed and leave behind brand-new, just-opened toys!  I’ll have to plan better for next year.

Here is a video of Ben playing his toy piano.  He has just realized that he can make some really cool sounds with it. 

The quality is lousy because I used our still camera to make the video.  Our video camera makes mini-DVD’s, and I haven’t figured out how to turn those into something I can post online.  Besides, the DVD player on this laptop doesn’t work anymore.  Time for a new computer, don’t you think?  Mark says we should get a Mac.  Any suggestions?


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Jonny!”

  1. markruinsdinner Says:

    Very telling picture, that. Jonny posing for the camera while Isaac opens the toy.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Happy birthday Jonny! Looks like you made out like a bandit. Can we come over for some of that yummy box cake? (Who wants a stinky store-bought cake?? Home baked ones are the BEST!!)

  3. Lisa Says:

    HELLO BIG WINNER 🙂 Can I get your addy to send you your winning necklace?!

  4. Karen Says:

    Lisa, you are right about the box cake – it was much better than store-bought! I sent you an email with my address just now. Thanks again!
    For anyone who doesn’t know – I actually won a beautiful handmade necklace from Lisa! She had a very cool giveaway on her site a few days ago.
    Check out her site:

  5. Lawrence Says:


    Cake looks great…boys look great…..Ben looks like he may be the bethoven!

    BTW, a package for Jonny is en-route from Rhoda, so look out for it.

  6. Mom/Grandma Says:

    Wonderful pics of the boys. I like Ben’s music clip

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