When I grow up…

Isaac the video game maker 

“I want to be a video game maker.”

The drawing shows Isaac holding a “Legend of Zelda” video game. 

My son’s got ambition!

Breakfast bar

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8 Responses to “When I grow up…”

  1. Mom/Grandma Says:

    Am I supposed to be a proud grand-ma? I am not too sure……….

  2. markruinsdinner Says:

    I suppose we should be happy that he at least understands that he won’t live with his parents and not work. He did tell me that some kids in his class wanted to be President or teachers or doctors, etc.

  3. Lawrence Says:

    You know, the life of a video game designer (not programmer mind you) is pretty good. Their workspace is basically a lounge that looks straight out of MTV cribs! They work, on average, three hours a day, and really rake in the $$$ if the game is a mega success! So basically, Issac is officially my favourite nephew! 🙂

  4. Mom/Grandma Says:

    Oh well, then I am a very proud grandma………way to go Isaac………

  5. markruinsdinner Says:

    maybe I should be a video game makre

  6. Dawn Says:

    You can’t even spell it.

  7. Mom/Grandma Says:

    Haha…….Mark, you just have to be you…I love you and I am proud of you, always have. Well, except for that one time….:-)

  8. markruinsdinner Says:

    I spelled it the same way Isaac did, check the pic…

    Thank you, Mummy.

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